Roman Reigns: Not A Bad Guy, Not A Good Guy, Just The Guy With The #1 Profile On ESPN

WWE fans love to boo Roman Reigns. They love to boo him so much, it seems, that they can't stop checking out his profile page on ESPN's website.

Roman Reigns: Not A Bad Guy, Not A Good Guy, Just The Guy With The #1 Profile On ESPN

According to ESPN's Andrew Feldman and making its way around the dirt sheets today, Reigns' profile has consistently been the most viewed on ESPN for over a year, since they first started featuring WWE on the site. It's not putting butts in the seats — the butts are probably already in seats if they're browsing to check out wrestler profiles — but it's at least as meaningful as the various social media metrics WWE brags about when returning from commercial breaks.

With Roman looking strong on, is there any doubt he'll be walking out of his four way match with Brock Lesnar, Braun Strowman, and Samoa Joe as WWE Universal Champion at SummerSlam later this month? Will this be what we hear on the Monday Night RAW after the big match?

"You're the real Beast, Monster Among Men, and Destroyer, Roman."

Believe that! And you only have yourselves to blame for clicking on that damn profile so much.


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