Roman Reigns Says Tonight Is Only About #Payback, Fans Respond: "YASS KING"


Tonight, Roman Reigns returns to WWE to seek revenge on Braun Strowman, who took him out of action for several weeks by demonstrating that he is the strongest human of all time when he flipped over an ambulance containing Roman's broken body after brutally assaulting several times on Monday Night RAW. Ahead of tonight's Payback PPV, Reigns took to Twitter to announce his intentions.

The response from fans?

Perhaps you've noticed a theme to the responses of Roman Reigns' fans…

Yes, a significant portion of Roman Reigns' fans refer to him as "king." Was this a wrestling nickname like "The Big Dog" or "Oooh-Ahhh Guy" that we'd missed somehow? It required further investigation:

At first, we thought that Roman Reigns fans were taking his "Roman Empire" nickname literally and treating him like an actual monarch, but on further inspection, that's not what's going on.

It seems that Roman Reigns' fans are actually saying "YASS KING," a variation on the trendy colloquialism, "YASS QUEEN," an enthusiastic affirmation of one's fierceness, similar in meaning and usage to "You go, girl." The positive encouragement continued:

Fans won't have to miss King much longer. Payback is happening right now on the WWE Network, and Roman Reigns will face Braun Strowman by the end of the night, and when the final bell has rung and Roman looks strong, delighted fans will surely be saying, "YASS."

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