Roman Reigns Won't Be Able to Cheat to Keep Intercontinental Title in Rematch with Samoa Joe

Dastardly heel Roman Reigns will be unable to get himself disqualified in order to keep his WWE Intercontinental Title, according to WWE Raw General Manager Kurt Angle. Angle set a rematch between Reigns and Samoa Joe with the title on the line for the first Raw of 2018 on Twitter.

Reigns was disqualified for shoving a WWE official during a match with Joe on Monday, resulting in a loss. However, due to WWE rules, the title normally cannot change hands due to a disqualification. For his underhanded tactics, and for assaulting a WWE official, Reigns was fined $5000. However, the arrogant Superstar shrugged off the fine, tweeting:

This behavior comes as a shock from Roman Reigns, who has previously been considered a fan favorite, but these kinds of drastic character swings seem to happen often in the high stakes environment of pro wrestling, with wrestlers changing alignment on a regular basis. Perhaps it's the stress of competing at such a high athletic level.

In any case, Reigns will have to play by the rules on Monday, because if he doesn't, Samoa Joe could walk away with the title, and who knows how much further down the path to the dark side that would push the impressionable Reigns. The last thing anybody wants to see is Roman Reigns become a "bad guy," after all.

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