Neve Campbell On Sidney Prescott and Working With Scream Directors

We're just barely over two months from the release of the 2022 Scream relaunch from Spyglass Media Group and Paramount Pictures, and the film's ultimate final girl Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell), recently provided an update on her character.

As fans already noticed in the trailer, Sidney appears to be a mother now after decades of attacks and reveals – causing even greater excitement about her character development in the franchise's fifth entry. In a new interview with Total Film Magazine (where Ghostface was featured as the cover), the star expressed her reluctance to spill too much, but still divulged, "Sidney is now a mother, so another level of strength as a woman. She's living out of her hometown. She lives away. And she has a happy life. And that's all I can tell you!" confirming that Sidney understandably isn't cut out for long-term living in Woodsboro.

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Neve Campbell ("Sidney Prescott"), left, and Courteney Cox ("Gale Weathers") star in Paramount Pictures and Spyglass Media Group's "Scream."

In the same interview, Campbell talked about the passion behind the Radio Silence directorial duo and their excitement to work with a franchise that they've openly stated was influential to them. Campbell tells the publication, "It was funny, one of them said to me on the first day when I was shooting one of my scenes, they were watching the monitor, and they forgot that they were directing the movie. They thought that they were just watching a Scream movie they hadn't seen before! [laughs] It was such a surreal experience for them. It was like, 'No, you're directing. Can you direct me?!'"

Campbell's return marks the return of horror's rightfully untouchable final girl, and seeing Sidney take on a mentor-esque role while still being directly tied to the story feels like a promising pivot. Keeping Sidney intertwined with Scream is crucial, as she's as synonymous to the franchise with genre fans as Ghostface, so knowing that Radio Silence shares that sentiment is yet another sign of promise for Scream's return in January.

Scream will exclusively hit theaters starting January 14, 2022!

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