Scream Writer Kevin Williamson Suggests Talks Tonal Shifts in New Film

The cast and writer of the '90s slasher film Scream recently reunited for the National Breast Cancer Coalition, the Los Angeles "I Have A Dream Foundation," and the East Los Angeles Women's Center to discuss their experiences and more for fans — but of course that doesn't mean the topic of Scream 5 (Scream) wouldn't come up.

During the panel put together and streamed by LoopedLive, Scream scribe Kevin Williamson was asked about the upcoming film, and he couldn't have given us more to be excited about. Regarding the atmosphere the film could have, Williamson shared, "No deconstruction. No self-awareness. Just do the opposite of what we did. I do worry that the franchise kind of wears itself out with all the meta and the deconstruction, and there's only so many times you can do it. So many people have since then done horror films like it, or in the vein of. So you kind of worry that it's run its course."

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This is something that Scream fans were curious about due to the fact that the Radio Silence duo's film Ready or Not played into the lighter side of horror. The idea of taking Scream in a grittier, serious installment sounds like the perfect way to reintroduce the franchise to fans, so we can assume there will be a high body count and some problems for the residents of Woodsboro.

The writer then gushed, "What I love about the new Scream is that it does take a fresh approach. It's this beautiful sort of fresh new movie, but it also has this nostalgic factor that runs through it. That, to me, was a perfect blend of how to do the next Scream. So that was what I was most excited about. I'm blown away by the directors, and I was really nervous because nobody is Wes Craven. I was really hesitant to even jump on board and be a part of it, and boy am I glad I did because I think it's going to make Wes proud."

Other moments from the panel included an interesting statement from Williamson suggesting the mask used in the original film will be shown in the next incarnation — and Campbell did admit that she was excited for the direction they take Sidney, so hopefully, this change that could embrace a tonal shift leaves our final girl in the clear.

Scream is expected to hit theaters on January 14, 2022

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