Six Important Moments From Marvel's Agent Carter – Life Of The Party / Monster

This article contains spoilers for Marvel's Agent Carter episodes – Life of the Party and Monster.







Last night we got a double dose of Marvel's Agent Carter with the sixth (Life of the Party) and seventh (Monster) episodes back-to-back. The story is moving along quickly now with the stakes for everyone getting much higher and being Peggy Carter's friend may not be a good thing.

1 – The purpose of these two episodes I think are to show just how out of control things have become. They need a sample of Whitney Frost's blood to save Jason Wilkes and they have to go to an outsider to do it. And they choose Dottie Underwood, this era's Black Widow. The series started with Dottie being arrested and now Peggy is helping break her out. This shows just how desperate things are, but they get worse.

2 – The blood heist takes place at a swank party with Dottie and Edwin Jarvis going in. It gets all screwed up when Vernon Masters and Jack Thompson arrive. Dottie gets the blood but ends up hiding in a closet while Frost demonstrates her powers to the Council of Nine… and kills five of them including her husband. She then takes over as the new boss. By the time the party is over, Dottie is recaptured by Thompson and Jarvis gets away with the blood.

3 – Meanwhile Wilkes, with the help of Anna Jarvis, has created a containment unit to use along with the Zero Matter from Frost's blood to make himself tangible again. Which works, but he has a moment where he snaps a bit and wants Carter to just use the kill switch they put into Dottie's necklace instead of trying to find her. This seems out of character for Wilkes and shows that the Zero Matter is effecting him as well.

4 – Masters now works for Frost, which he's not too thrilled about, and is sent to find the atomic material that Peggy stole from Roxxon previously. He goes to Daniel Sousa to get the SSR to track it. But when Sousa seems to be dragging his feet and isn't as susceptible to persuasion as Thompson, Masters has Sousa beaten and then replaces him as head of the SSR. This cuts off any potential back-up for Peggy.

5 – After finding out about Wilkes from Dottie, Frost lures Peggy and Jarvis out of Howard Stark's place so she can go in and get the Doctor. She discovers that she can't just suck the zero matter out of him, that he is more powerful than either of them knew. She also talks about how she is trying to fix the inequality of race and gender of the era through her actions… a theme for the season. When Wilkes refuses to buy in, he is knocked out and taken.

6 – As they are trying to leave with Wilkes, they are confronted by Anna Jarvis. Frost stops Joseph Manfredi from shooting her only to do the very thing when Peggy and Jarvis approach. This is rock bottom for Peggy. Edwin chooses to go on the adventures with Peggy. But Anna was mostly an innocent bystander. Sousa has lost everything… his girl, probably his command… all by helping Peggy out. And Wilkes lost his body and now his freedom. Plus Dottie is back on the loose. That's a lot of guilt for her to carry.

There are only three episodes left in this second season and two of them are airing next week back-to-back again.


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