Sniper Elite V2 Is Free To Download On Steam For 24 Hours Only

The World War II shooter game Sniper Elite V2 will be available for free download (not just to play for a limited time) for 24 hours, Rebellion announced today. The offer will end at exactly 10AM Pacific Standard Time on  Thursday, June 5th.

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 2.37.59 PM

Sniper Elite V2 has been one of Rebellion's breakaway successes in gameplay, but since it's been out for 2 years now and there are further games in the works, Rebellion decided to open up the game to the community for a short time.

Rebellion Co-founder and Creative Director, Jason Kingsley explains the company's reasoning:

In the end independent studios like Rebellion know that players are more important than money. If you can delight them and build that word of mouth, that buzz about your game – it's worth everything. We want people to interact with our studio and our games for years, not just launch week.

So get downloading and spread the word to those you want to introduce to the Sniper Elite world.

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