Spawn Movie will be a 'Dark R' Beyond Logan and Deadpool According To Todd McFarlane At ECCC

During the Saturday afternoon Stan Lee & Todd McFarlane spotlight panel, the Todd artfully turned the thread of the conversation back around towards his character of Spawn. Moderator Clare Kramer asked about the possibility of seeing a Spawn movie, to which he responded:

I'm hoping by San Diego I have a big announcement, of, uh, a Spawn movie, right? So, a big announcement coming. We're working on it.

So that got the crowd going pretty solidly with cheers, and he coaxed the audience to let them know how much they'd like to see Stan put in one of his classic cameo appearances in the film. As Todd continued, he stressed that he would want to see it is a hard, dark R level rating. Indicating that if you've got PG-13 on stage left, then Deadpool around centerstage, and Logan about halfway to the right of center, and then Spawn a good deal further over to the right.

So with talk like that it feels like it's at the stage of getting on a studio slate, spinning up pre-production, and putting together the presentation package ahead of SDCC this July. We wouldn't be entirely surprised if they didn't have a casting announcement for the lead while they were at it.

You can watch the segment of the panel presentation where he highlights where Spawn would fall on the PG-13 to R to NC-17 axis, below.

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