Spider-Man: Homecoming Swings Past 'Amazing Spider-Man' Films At U.S. Box Office

Spider-Man: Homecoming Swings Past 'Amazing Spider-Man' Films At U.S. Box Office

In the surprising twist that everyone saw coming, Spider-Man: Homecoming has surpassed both Amazing Spider-Man films at the domestic box office. The Marvel Studios-backed film scored a $117-million in the U.S opening weekend after adjusting for inflation, leaving both Amazing movies in the dust.

Box Office Mojo just reported that Homecoming just beat out the Amazing films for total gross (when not adjusting for inflation).

This was after a troubled second week, where the film dropped 45% at theaters. Some think that people are just finally getting tired of Spider-Man films, with six of these suckers having come out since the year 2000 and the Webhead showing up in a seventh with Captain America: Civil War. He's also promised to show up in Avengers: Infinity War next year, so chalk that up as an eighth. Yeah, it would be completely understandable to have some pause at having to watch another Spider-Man movie.

Either way though, Sony is probably thanking their lucky stars and praying at an altar for Stan Lee and Steve Ditko that this movie is getting a better reception than the Amazing Spider-Man movies, both financially and critically. Personally, I thought it blew Amazing Spider-Man out of the water. As for the second one, I couldn't even bring myself to go out and watch the freaking thing. Tom Holland is a great Peter Parker, his friend, played by Jacob Batalon, was really charming, and Michael Keaton's Vulture was genuinely menacing. Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man and Jon Favreau's Happy Hogan were nice little additions, even if they were a tad intrusive at times.

So, chalk this up as another Marvel Studios win. They teamed up with competition, Sony did better with them than without.

While we're on the subject of critical reception, have you seen the response to The Emoji MovieSpeaking of shocking twists we all saw coming…

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