Studio Behind New Gears Of War Has Changed Its Name To The Coalition

Black Tusk Studios was once a new and exciting developer under the Microsoft banner that was working on a new IP. Now, with that game never having been explored past a possible E3 showcase, they are now the studio behind Gears of War and are called the Coalition. How things change.

Studio head Rod Fergusson announced the name change in a video posted yesterday, saying that he wanted the name The Coalition to become synonymous with Gears of War as 343 have with Halo. You can check out the message here:


He does reference E3 as well, so we can expect the developer to be at Microsoft's press conference in some capacity. Hopefully it is to show off Gears of War 4. I have predicted we will see gameplay, despite some people thinking the game isn't far enough along. We will see in just over a week at Microsoft's Media Briefing.