Superstar Billy Graham Praises Triple H, Says Roman Reigns Couldn't Project Intensity To Save His Life


Pro wrestling legend and WWE Hall-of-Famer Superstar Billy Graham hasn't gotten the company memo about making Roman Reigns look strong. In a recent Facebook post, Graham had some words of praise for WWE executive and part time wrestler Triple H, but buried within it was some savage heat for The Big Dog.

"I know a lot of my Facebook fans don't like HHH," Graham began.  "I couldn't care less, it's only wrestling after all; but zoom in on this mania 33 shot below please. What you will see is a man that is projecting intensity."

Here's the photo Graham posted:


Oops, sorry wrong one. Here's the right photo:


But in the course of complimenting The Game, Graham also had some choice words about other superstars.

"The only other WWE performer that can do that with equal results is Samoa Joe," Graham continued. "Roman Reigns couldn't do it to save his life. Nothing personal here, just a fact folks."

Ouch! What is King going to think about this?!


Graham finished by making a prediction for WWE SummerSlam: "Also, HHH being the consummate professional, puts over the younger talent on the biggest stage of them all, mania. HHH put over Roman Reigns at mania 32 and Seth Rollins at mania 33. He has not been seen onstage since # 33, I believe. I predict that he will get ready for Summerslam on Aug. 20th, 2017 and put over Finn Balor. That makes him a team player to me. Any thoughts anyone ????"

Oh, we're betting people have some thoughts on this.


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