The Serious Side Of Martin Riggs

When I first heard that Fox was adapting Lethal Weapon as a television series, I was more than skeptical. Rarely do shows translate well from the big screen to the little… and it's even worse when its something so character driven. There is nothing new about an older cop being saddled with a younger / reckless partner. What made the movies work were good writing and the acting of Mel Gibson and Danny Glover.

Now we've been seeing footage and teasers for the series and I have to say that casting Damon Wayans as Roger Murtaugh was a good choice. We've seen him in both comedy and action movies and he has the chops to be the straight man in this case. So it comes down to who they cast as Martin Riggs. What made the role work for Gibson wasn't the crazy moments… those are relatively easy to get… Its that seriousness under the crazy that Gibson made work. That no matter what he may do to himself, he would never let anything happen to his partner. That's what Clayne Crawford has to pull off.

We are getting our first look at that side of the new Riggs in this latest promo… and I have to say I'm not intrigued enough to give the show a shot.

Lethal Weapon debuts September 21st.

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