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Vendetta Editor Trevor Mirosh on Working with Bruce Willis & More

Trevor Mirosh has always been a film fan growing up idolizing the works of Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorsese to the point where he's learned from their example. In fact, he's grown quite adept at working within the action and horror genres across film and television, working on such projects as SyFy's Painkiller Jane, the short Exhibit Man, and SyFy's Day of the Dead. I spoke with Mirosh about his latest film, Vendetta, working with Bruce Willis, balancing his action films, and how movies he grew up watching shaped his style.

Vendetta Editor Trevor Mirosh on Working with Bruce Willis & More
Bruce Willis and Theo Rossi in Vendetta (2022). Image courtesy of Vertical Entertainment

Vendetta follows William Duncan (Clive Standen), a man on a quest for revenge to find the people responsible for his daughter's death leading up to Willis' Donnie Fetter. "It such an honor to work with [Bruce]," Mirosh said. "I've been a fan of Bruce Willis since his 'Moonlighting' days and then 'Die Hard' and other favorites like 'Pulp Fiction' and' Signs.' So it was quite an honor to work on a picture like that." The editor broke down how it's important to balance the action and story.

Vendetta Editor Trevor Mirosh on Working with Bruce Willis & More
Thomas Jane and Mike Tyson in Vendetta (2022). Image courtesy of Vertical Entertainment

"We shot in Georgia, and we ended up cutting it in Vancouver and doing post-production there. Because it's not coming from a book, it's just strictly a vengeance or a straight-up action movie," Mirosh said. "We're trying to balance the highs and the lows of action versus non-action films. Those movies don't follow any strict guidelines. The trick with those is making sure we do not have too much action, all upfront or at the end. We want to try and bring out the emotion because it is an action movie. We want the characters to be relatable, so we need to be able to work with the actors' emotions so the audience can track our protagonists along the way."

Vendetta Editor Trevor Mirosh on Working with Bruce Willis & More
Vertical Entertainment

Many of the films Mirosh loved growing up were some of the most enduring classics of all of cinema. "Growing up as a Steven Spielberg fan, he encompasses all sorts of action and adventure, like with 'Indiana Jones' and he also does adventure and sci-fi-like 'E.T.,' but he'll also do monster-in-the-house movies like 'Jaws' or 'Jurassic Park,'" he said. "Those are the kinds of films that I'm drawn to, and I was inspired by growing up, but I was also inspired later by Martin Scorsese, his editor, Thelma Schoonmaker. 'Raging Bull' was one of my all-time favorites. She's influenced my style today, and 'The Departed' is one of my all-time favorites of their work."

Mirosh's success as an editor also translated to the directing chair with his shorts like Exhibit Man. "From an editing perspective, it just confirms that you always have to be supportive of your director, and problem-solving is always a big thing when you're working on something," he said. "You try and solve everything before you go to camera, but once you get into post, there are always things that you missed or that change along the way. So being supportive, problem-solving, and being patient are kind of the things that coincide between that relationship between editing and directing." Vertical Entertainment's Vendetta, directed and written by Jared Cohen and stars Thomas Jane, Theo Rossi, and Mike Tyson, is in theaters and on demand.

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