Voice Work Has Already Begun On Young Justice Season 3


Not only is the third season of Young Justice actually happening, but it seems like voice work has already started on the highly-anticipated return of the DC animated show. The show was cancelled after it's second season due to low toy sales, because young girls were the show's major fanbase. And you just can't sell superhero toys to girls, at least according to producer Paul Dini.

But now we have season 3. Way to go fan protest!

Khary Payton, who voices Aqualad, made the announcement on twitter saying "we start once more for the fallen… #YoungJustice #season3."

CBR picked up the news yesterday and theoriezed that "'The fallen' likely refers to Wally West, who seemingly perished in the final chapter of the show's second season." Which seems like a pretty solid guess, if we had to make one.

Payton will be joined by the creators and producers Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman for the new season. We'd expect most, if not all, of the cast to return but no official announcement has been made on that front.

Honestly, this is about all we know about the show's third season so far. Everything's been a little too quiet on the Young Justice front, so we can probably expect Payton's announcement to be followed up with further announcements rather soon. It is convention season, after all, and things like this make good con news.

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