WARNING! The 12 Biggest Captain Marvel Movie Spoilers Found in This Spin-Off Book

By Jemal Flores and Jason Borelli

A few weeks ago, while shopping at Walmart, I spotted the cover of this book, and it immediately caught my attention. I read the title thinking what could this be about, Captain Marvel StarForce Mission Log? The book's cover has a photo of Brie Larson (Room) that I'd never seen before, I wondered what it could be? I opened it up to find out it was a Young Adult book that is very similar to a light novel. Written by Eleni Roussos with artwork from Anna Rud. I flipped through the book, not wanting to spoil the movie for me just in case, but within two pages there was already spoilers in the character descriptions. I didn't want to read it and ruin the movie for myself, but I just couldn't help it.

WARNING! The 12 Biggest Captain Marvel Movie Spoilers Found in This Spin-Off Book

I forgot marketing and promotional tie-ins come out three months before a movie's release date. I just plain forgot! I'm standing there with the book in my hand, thinking and debating whether to buy it. The cover of the book had me intrigued. I thought it was a well-written primer to the world of Captain Marvel.

Below is the text on the book's back cover. Warning: it may contain spoilers for the Captain Marvel movie.

"Imagine not knowing your name or remembering your family follow Vers' personal mission log as she struggles to regain her memories of the past and learns how to harness her phenomenal powers. Complete with Cosmic sketches and giant fold-outs, join in Vers' adventures as she fights alongside the fierce Kree warriors of Hala's elite Starforce unit to protect their planet against their shape-shifting enemies- the Skrulls! Super Hero fans will be enthralled by this origin story of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's most powerful heroine and her intergalactic journey to find out who she really is!"

The book's descriptions are as follows:

1. The log's writer is named "Vers" a.k.a Carol Danvers: (Larson) She does not remember who she is, place of birth, age, parents, or her friends. She doesn't remember anything before 6 years ago. She also can't remember the Kastelian attacks by Skrulls, where she lost her memory.

Will we see these attacks and how Carol lost her memories ?

2. Minn-Erva played Gemma Chan is suspicious of Carol. "The only other woman on the team, an incredible marksman. She doesn't like me." "She used to be the team leader's favorite now she's been replaced by Vers as his personal number-one member of Starforce." Does she think she's a spy or Skrull? Is there a love triangle brewing?

3. Jude Law is Yon-Rogg. He may be more than his appearance, he is trusted almost too much. "The fearless leader. What he says goes." He is the highest ranking officer of the unit "The best Kree Warrior for the job." Yon Rogg is famous and revered by Hala's people. He is Vers' mentor coach and friend in her post-amnesia life.

He may be keeping secrets from Carol about her memory. Is he a Skrull in disguise? Could Law be playing both a fake Yon and a real Walter Lawson a.k.a Mar-Vell?

4. Carol's powers are driven by battery. Vers has a small photon battery implanted under her left ear, it's the source of her powers a gift from the Supreme Intelligence. It transmits the strength of the Supreme Intelligence into the battery. Vers is the only one with this device. She is like no other Kree she has superhuman strength her "fist glow and fire a photon blast, a type of supernatural light energy, photon energy is unbelievably powerful" according to her. These abilities are the only ones she knows how to use so far. Vers believes that she has other new powers just waiting for her to discover." A Power Battery !? HAHA! She wears green! Marvel trolling?

5. Mixed Race Kree: "Hala is home to millions of Kree – a race of blue, brown or beige-skinned people" at least in the MCU. Starforce's missions come directly from "the collective mind of past generations of Kree known as the Supreme Intelligence." Do the Kree kidnap and brainwash other races for political gain? Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D's Kree are all blue.

6. Carol sees her Mom as the Kree Leader: "No Kree knows the Supreme Intelligence's true form. Instead, our own subconscious chooses how they appear to each individual. No one reveals what form they see."Vers sees an older woman she probably met in real life but can't remember where or when due to her lost memories. She believes it may possibly be her mother? " The collective mind maybe manipulating Carol for some unknown reason, feeding her false memories via her power battery. Her mom could be of the Kree race.

WARNING! The 12 Biggest Captain Marvel Movie Spoilers Found in This Spin-Off Book

7. Skrulls can read minds, a little: Vers writes "Our greatest enemy are the Skrulls…"Skrulls are described as "a scary looking alien race the scariest part about them is ability to shapeshift into anyone by looking at them." A person is 'simmed' (simulated). Skrull's turn into someone else by "copying the genetic markers, DNA and recent memories of their target."

8. Carol is alien royalty: "Vers looked down to see blue blood pouring from her leg." She probably thinks she's fully Kree.

WARNING! The 12 Biggest Captain Marvel Movie Spoilers Found in This Spin-Off Book

9. Carol meets and befriended a Nova Corps member: "I'm not here to hurt you, I can get you out of here alive" he told her. He said his name was Rohmann Dey" (John C. Reilly)

WARNING! The 12 Biggest Captain Marvel Movie Spoilers Found in This Spin-Off Book

10. Att-Lass ( Algenis Perez Soto) is her "brother": Stealth infiltration specialist his weapons are twin pistols. "We've developed a strong bond and are almost like brother and sister." Her so called "brother" is the Infiltration specialist ? I think there's a pattern brewing here. He's a Kree top military spy. Will he be simmed?

11. Starforce combat suits can change: Vers describes "Touching our forearm consoles, we all changed from our traditional uniform colors to a camouflage pattern that Blended perfectly with the current surroundings easier to sneak around this way when you uninvited!" Will this function be used to trick a Skrull later in the film?

12. Starforce are chosen for missions ( that always go wrong on purpose?): "The Kree have been in a centuries long battle with the Xandarians called the Kree-Nova War, with Starforce as its most-valued and respected top military team." "Vers joined the elite Starforce to help suppress galactic threats to the Kree empire. StarForce is "a special forces unit of six top-level Kree warriors." Both missions in the book do not go as planned, the second mission ends on a cliffhanger, that may lead directly to the beginning of the film.

Captain Marvel arrives in theaters without her memories on March 8th 2019

Jemal Flores is a manga, anime, comic book collecter and also a former cosplayer. He has been a contributor to Bleeding Cool since 2014.

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