ZombiU Xbox One And PlayStation 4 Version Rated In Taiwan

Zombi-Rated-TaiwanZombiU was a neat little idea when it came to WiiU. Sadly, that console didn't take off and the game didn't really 'jive' with that specific audience. All in all, you'd think that would be it for the Ubisoft game, chalked up as a failed experiment.

Not so! Reports last month hit that Ubisoft might be porting the game to Xbox One and Playstation 4 and new reports today seem to confirm that. Gematsu pointed out that the Taiwanese Game Software Rating Regulations board had rated the port, which is now called Zombi.

What a strange world. At least the franchise will get a second bite of the apple with a new audience. I don't think the game was terrible, so who knows? Maybe this could be salvaged if it sells well here.