Brock Lesnar Makes It Official, Will Fight Daniel Cormier in UFC, and Maybe in WWE

Brock Lesnar may be the WWE Universal Champion, but it isn't a wrestling match Lesnar is preparing for next. At last night's UFC 226, Lesnar challenged the winner of the main event between Daniel Cormier and Stipe Miocic. Cormier was victorious, and Lesnar's next bout could take place as soon at UFC 232 in December.

Of course, before Lesnar, who was UFC Champion from 2008 to 2010, can fight in the Octagon again, he must serve out his suspension as part of the USDA drug testing pool. Lesnar was suspended in 2017 for failing drug tests around the time of his 2016 bout against Mark Hunt, a fight which Lesnar won at the time, but which was later changed to a "no contest" thanks to the violation. Cormier says he'll only fight Lesnar if he's clean.

Lesnar's appearance at UFC 226 has sparked some backlash from MMA fans after Lesnar and Cormier had a shoving match reminiscent of a pro wrestling segment. However, Cormier has no regrets, saying, as reported by SB Nation:

Staged, they're idiots.' Fine. Stay broke. You got a guy like Brock Lesnar in front of you, and you don't go crazy on him? Are you crazy? When Brock decided to step in the octagon with me – he's a pro wrestler. He does fake fighting. So I'll do fake fighting with you until I put my fist up inside of your face. I'll do fake fighting with you, Brock, then I'll punch you upside your head. So, yeah, you guys call it fake online. I see a bunch of fighters, 'Oh that's so fake. I don't want to watch this.' Tune in and keep lacing my pockets. You guys got to get on board. These guys get on the microphone after their fights and say, 'Yeah, it's whatever the UFC decides.' OK.

And in fact, Cormier is even willing to take the fight to the Universal Champion on his home territory, facing Lesnar in either a pro wrestling match or a shoot wrestling match in WWE.

If they wanted me over there, I'd go over there. I'd go beat Brock in a wrestling match. Maybe they'd do us a shoot match, put us in singlets and see who wins. And I can go major decision him or something, or maybe pin him.

But how would that make Roman look strong?

Brock Lesnar


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