An Interview With Gillian Anderson at New York Comic Con

(Editor's Note: Bleeding Cool staffer Danielle Mick reporting from New York Comic Con and speaking with X-Files star Gillian Anderson.)

Gillian Anderson at New York Comic Con

When I arrived for the X Files press room after a moment of fangirling, I was immediately blown away by Gillian Anderson's beauty and presence. She carried herself with an air of grace and importance, not pretentious nor superiority. She interacted with the staff, her colleagues, and the interviewers with the utmost grace and appreciation. She didn't treat us like strangers at all. Instead she spoke to us like we were old friends, as if we had been interviewing her for length of her career, which is as empowering as it is impressive.

After being complimented for her portrayal of the god of Media by way of David Bowie on American Gods, she was eager to get into our questions. She spoke to us about her excitement regarding the upcoming ten episode season of X Files, which is set to air in January of 2018.

It feels like the hours have been kinder to us this year. We haven't been pulling as many seventeen hour days– which we used to do all the time. And so, as an old person, that's quite nice. Anyway, it feels like we are delivering everything that is expected of us to deliver, but it feels more manageable somehow.

She also spoke about the importance of women in television, specifically in the science fiction genre and the three specific kinds of episodes (mythology, comedic, monster of the week) that they do. When asked about Stella Gibson, her character on the British crime drama The Fall, she went on about the importance of finding the difference between Gibson and Scully, even stating that

Stella would probably drink Scully under the table.

I was honored to be able to share the space with her briefly. I hope you find her words equally as inspiring. She's unbelievably real and sweet.

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