First Look at Gears of War 5 at #E32018

Always count on Microsoft to save the big guns for the end of their presentation. Toward the end of the presentation they announced not one, not two, but three new games under the Gears of War banner.

The first is a mobile spin-off game with Funko pops as the character designs in Gears of War Pop! This is an interesting creative decision and one we're surprised took this long for someone to come up with. The LEGO games always do really well so it stands to reason that this would do well too. The decision to put it on mobile and use one of the most M rated games of all time is, well, we'll have to see. The other spin-off game was Gears Tactics which looks like someone remember that Final Fantasy Tactics sold really well and people on PC love RTS games so why not do this.

The big announcement was the reveal of the cinematic trailer for Gears of War 5. This four minute long trailer sets of what looks to be our basic story and seems to indicate that Marcus might not be our point of view character this time which is interesting if nothing else.

In Gears 5 as Kait, journey across the biggest, most beautiful Gears world ever created. Play solo or with a friend in local split-screen co-op, or online co-op and experience every mode in 4K Ultra HD resolution with stunning HDR at a smooth 60 frames per second. Coming in 2019.

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