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A Ratings Board May Have Leaked Gears Of War 5's Art and Release
It looks like yet another ratings board has leaked a video game release, this time Gears 5, or Gears of War 5, whichever you prefer to think of it It's honestly been a long time since we've heard about any progress for the game and, to be quite frank with you, we kinda wrote the[...]
Gears 5
The Coalition has come out to say that Gears 5 will keep its name this time around and won't revert to Gears of War 5 like the previous game. When Gears of War 4 was announced, the game was announced at the Microsoft E3 press conference, it ended its trailer with the title, Gears 4 I thought[...]
Gears of War Pop Funko Mobile Game
This was on top of two other Gears of War announcements, as Tactics and Gears of War 5 were also announced Check out the trailer below: This is a big deal As far as I can remember, this will be the first Funko game to be released Gears of War and Funko have a great history[...]
The big announcement was the reveal of the cinematic trailer for Gears of War 5 This four minute long trailer sets of what looks to be our basic story and seems to indicate that Marcus might not be our point of view character this time which is interesting if nothing else In Gears 5 as[...]