Metal Band Once Human Previews Upcoming Album With All-New Single

Once Human, the Los Angeles-based metal quintet known for their debut album The Life I Remember and their following conceptual album Evolution, has been spending the last year stuck in lockdown, refining their musical stylings. This evening, at 6:00 PM Eastern Time, they will be releasing a new single for their upcoming third album Scar Weaver, which itself comes out on February 11th of next year. "Deadlock," the new single by Once Human, will be accompanied by a music video at that time later this evening and is most assured to knock the socks right off of their fans.

The members of Once Human, a metal quintet band from Los Angeles, California.
The members of Once Human, a metal quintet band from Los Angeles, California.

The album seems to be a huge act of triumphant redefinition by Once Human. According to the press release explaining this:

Pieced together over the last two years, Once Human's upcoming album Scar Weaver represents a massive step forward for the band. Blessed (or perhaps cursed) with plenty of additional time during the last year's lockdown situation, the band have been able to refine and redefine their sound, inspired by a sudden creative surge from latest recruit, Max Karon. The result is a gloriously idiosyncratic modern metal record, with Lauren Hart's career-best vocal performance just one of its dazzling revelations. With Once Human's most intense and explosive music to work with, the singer has pushed herself to new heights, showcasing a vastly expanded vocal range in the process.

You will be able to watch the music video on YouTube as of 6:00 PM Eastern Time, but you can find the link to that video by clicking the link below. Are you excited about Once Human's upcoming album, perhaps even despite the 7-month wait? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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