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Nerd Food: Betty Crocker's Avengers Fruit Snacks

Since the world shut down, I've spent more time outdoors, by myself, going for long walks. While I know many of us are trying to live our very best Jane Austen-esque life, we still must find joy in the little things. Recently on a trip to the grocery store, a familiar team of faces caught my eye. As a bonus, this specific team was on sale. Avengers fruit snacks, assemble.

For starters, the packaging on this snack is very appealing. The design team at Betty Crocker did a fantastic job capturing the excitement of Marvel's iconic superheroes. The box is bright, colorful, and both sides feature the most popular heroes of the team. Kids of all ages will be reaching for this when they see them at the grocery store. But how do they taste?

Once opened, though, the characters are all but vaguely familiar. Black Panther has the most definition of his respective snack. I'm pretty sure orange is Black Widow, green is Hulk, and Yellow is Thor. Odd shapes aside, how do they taste? Well, for one, they are very chewy. So I can sleep somewhat easier knowing these were fresh. Two, they hardly taste like whatever fruit they represent. It's as if someone had to guess how a fruit tasted just by looking at a picture. The flavors weren't over the top, but they were very synthetic. These are fine if you need a quick sugar fix. If kids were still attending schools, these snacks would be a delightful treat in their lunch box.

Overall they aren't horrible, but I wouldn't buy them again. If you have a superhero loving child, these are absolutely perfect for them. For everyone else, just keep walking.

Have you tried these fruit snacks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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