#YASSKING – Heroic Roman Reigns is Singlehandedly Keeping Kayfabe Alive on Twitter

WWE Superstar Roman Reigns is a polarizing figure who elicits more boos than cheers from WWE crowds despite being ostensibly booked as a babyface. However, on Reigns's Twitter, where The Big Dog's many devoted followers make Roman look strong every day, kayfabe is alive and well. It seems paradoxical that Twitter, a social media platform whose potential for abuse seems to never go under-utilized, would be the one place where Roman Reigns is free from the cynicism of disgruntled smarks, but it nevertheless is the case.

We first noticed this interesting phenomenon back in April of 2017, when Reigns announced ahead of a match against Braun Strowman at the Payback PPV:

It was a generic a wrestling promo that could be cut in the dark days of 140 characters or less, and yet, Reigns' fans ate it up. By studying their tweets, we happened upon several unexpected and remarkable discoveries. First, that a large number of Roman Reigns fans refer to The Big Dog by the affectionate nickname "King." Second, that particularly inspiring Reigns promos must be answered by the exclamation "YASSSS!" When Reigns' tweets are truly on point, a "YASSSS KING" is the only appropriate response.

These rules have held true whenever we've checked in on Reigns, last July before the Great Balls of Fire PPV, and in December when Reigns shrugged off a $5000 fine for assaulting an official during a match with Samoa Joe. Further, it appears that the bigger the hoss Reigns is squaring off against at any given moment, the more excited his kayfabe-adhering Twitter followers are.

So it's no surprise that with Reigns going up against megahoss Bobby Lashley at Extreme Rules this month, the stud factor in the rivalry is off the charts, meaning that when Reigns took to Twitter to taunt his opponent…

…his fans were sure to feel it.

With some fans even calling for Reigns to end Lashley once and for all.



With this kind of support, it's no wonder WWE won't turn Reigns heel as smark fans demand. And maybe they shouldn't. Roman Reigns' Twitter is wrestling in its truest form, and does anybody have the right to spoil that?

WWE Extreme Rules takes place July 15th.

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