Sami Zayn Thinks Fans Should Give WWE Creative a Break Because Writing is Hard

WWE Superstar Sami Zayn appeared on a recent episode of Talk is Jericho, and he used the opportunity to defend WWE's oft-vilified writers from fan criticism. Discussing the flack writers get, Zayn said (as transcribed by Wrestling Inc.):

Man, people don't know and you don't know unless you're there. Not to do with nothing, but I want to take this time to actually give the writers a little bit of a break because they get crapped on the most. People don't understand how it works there. It's not the writers, and it's not the agents, and it's not the talent. It just works a very specific way. And unless you're in it, you don't know, so it's very easy to sit at home and go, 'why are they pushing this person? Why are they doing this?' It's harder than you think. Cut everybody some slack. It's tricky.

Zayn's outlook on criticism raises some interesting comparisons. Should everyone who has a difficult job be cut slack when the results are sub-par? We don't understand how to perform surgery, but we expect our doctor to know how to do it correctly.

Of course, it's a strong possibility that all of Zayn's words are a fancy way of saying "it's actually Vince's fault," which is a defense we definitely find more plausible. What do you think? Do WWE's writers get a raw deal? Or do they deserve the criticism they get?

sami zayn
Sami Zayn in a segment about Bobby Lashley's sisters that was very complicated to write

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