SmackDown Live Opens with One of WWE's Best Superstars: Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe and Daniel Bryan have history — history that dates all the way to Ring of Honor. On tonight's SmackDown Live, Joe came out and worked that mic better than almost anyone in the WWE. With passion and fury, he informed us all that he would win the Money in the Bank match and that he would shake the WWE to its very core.

I am shook by how incredible he is on the mic. Seriously, WWE has solid gold with Samoa Joe. Push him all the way to the top — I won't mind. I don't think anyone else would either.

Bryan eventually came out, scolding him for bringing up his wife and daughter. These two men play off of each other beautifully well. Things were about to get real, but then Big Cass came out with a crutch under his arm. Way to absolutely kill the momentum and passion behind this match. Don't get me wrong, he's funny in his own right. But he literally killed the match — hell, he even announced the match had been canceled. Instead we were getting Big Cass going against Joe for the final spot on Money in the Bank. In the end, all three men got into a brawl, but the magic had long left the building.

Way to drop the ball, creative.

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