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Funko Pop Round Up - Addams Family, Greatest Showman and More

Funko Pop Round Up – Addams Family, Greatest Showman and More

Funko is constantly new and upcoming Funko Pops. We have luckily gathered all the newest releases to get you caught up. This time we have collected all of the most recent sets of figures to can collect. First up we have the Addams Family! This series is based on the Addams Family (2019) animated film. Gomez, […]

Zoe Quinn and

Zoe Quinn and Phil Murphy to Create Addams Family Comic For IDW

It's alive… it's alive… Mike Sangregorio reports for Bleeding Cool from the IDW panel at San Diego Comic-Con that Zoe Quinn, video game developer, and writer of DC Vertigo's Goddess Mode comic, will be writing an Addams Family one-shot comic for the publisher. Which is one way of announcing that IDW has the Addams Family […]

An Argument for an Awesome Age of Adult Animation

An Argument for an Awesome Age of Adult-Focused Animation [Opinion]

Something kind of sad happened in March when the new Hellboy movie tried to raise a ruckus and blast its way into cinemas, yet barely managed to limp its way out the door. The movie cost about $50 million to make, which isn't terrible by modern budget standards in movies, but it only made $40 […]

Addams Family Gets An Animated Reboot From Sausage Party Director

Just in time for Halloween, we've finally got an update on the upcoming Addams Family movie! Sausage Party director Conrad Vernon has signed on to direct MGM's animated Addams Family reboot, in the works since 2013. Despite being most remembered for a 1960s television show and the 1990s movies, the Addams Family began as a […]

First Frankenweenie Trailer Leaks Early

The first trailer for Frankenweenie has sneaked out of the gate a little ahead of schedule. Set for an official release at 5pm GMT, it has somehow ended up online already. And it looks great. Stop motion suits this aesthetic wonderfully. Or, to put it another way, Tim Burton is born to shepherd stop motion […]