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Astro City to End as a Monthly Series in April; Graphic Novels on the Way

The DC solicitations will be out soon, but writer Kurt Busiek gave fans a sneak peak when it comes to Astro City, his creator-owned Vertigo series with Brent Anderson and Alex Ross According to Busiek, April's Astro City #52 will be the final issue of Astro City as a monthly series Over a hundred issues of[...]

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Justice League Character Posters Spotlight DC's Heroes

For the observant comic book fan, one might notice that this poster, very smartly, is drawing upon the style of one of legendary artist Alex Ross's many posters for the Justice League team.Notably, Superman, Green Lantern, and Martian Manhunter are absent from the film poster.I just want to say how bothered I am that there has been[...]

Alex Ross's Design For The Post-Secret Empire Marvel Legacy Falcon

They also have an Alex Ross "Falcon Design" solicitation variant cover for the first issue — I think this might be it.And we have some new textual solicitation copy as well... In the wake of SECRET EMPIRE, Sam Wilson has laid down the shield and taken to the sky once again! Reborn and recommitted, THE FALCON[...]

The Rocketeer: High Flying Adventures Review: Charmingly Classic Stories Of Heroic Antics

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The Rocketeer: High Flying Adventures doesn't waste any time in dropping the reader right into the action. We open with Betty rightfully scolding Cliff for being late to rescue her, and Cliff doing what he does best: winging it. The Rocketeer is one of my personal favorite comic book characters. The old-school, beat-'em-up […]

Writer's Commentary: Sholly Fisch Talks Mighty Mouse #1

Interior art is by Igor Lima with a cover by Alex Ross.How’s this for irony? I almost always skip over the commentary track in DVD extras, and yet, here I am writing the commentary for our “comic book extra.” Well, let’s see.. I guess I could liven it up a bit by telling you that[...]

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Swipe File: Alex Ross Wants To Know If This Justice League Poster Looks Familiar

Here, have a look:Legendary comics artist and drawer of fine bulges Alex Ross noticed, however And he had a particular observation on Twitter over the weekend: about a closer look?Admittedly, there's a little bit of similarity, but things become a lot clearer when the camera pans out and reveals exactly what both Justice Leagues are looking[...]

Should We Be Concerned About Diversity at Marvel?

[caption id="attachment_616256" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Artwork by Alex Ross[/caption]I'll start by straight up saying this is speculation This is a piece about some information to consider to watch as news about, yes, yet ANOTHER Marvel Comics event continues unfold Sometimes speculation is forever just that...sometimes, it's bang on the money.A useful turn of phrase here, as[...]

From Alex Ross And Marvel – All The Different 'Generations' Together

A new project from Marvel Comics for the summer with this Alex Ross cover...Is this where "meat and potatoes" begins? Note various iterations of characters all together, Wolverines, Captain Americas, thors, Spider-Man and Captain Marvels....  As teased at ComicsPRO today, now posted by Marvel on social media.. Generations A new project from Marvel Comics for[...]

Alex Ross Signing on April 1

Alright pals and gals, get your copies of Kingdom Come ready! On April 1, 2017, Alex Ross will be signing at the Museum of Shenandoah Valley in Virginia.Alex will be signing from 12:30-3:30, limit 3 items per person, and there will be items for sale in the museum shop.While at the museum, be sure to[...]

Exclusive-No-More: Alex Ross's Cover For Avengers #4

After all, why should a promotional comic book image stay locked away in the watermarked vaults of CBR's web servers just because they happen to be a loyal media partner of Marvel Comics? It's with that in mind that I've infiltrated Valnet Inc.'s headquarters and liberated Alex Ross's cover to Avengers #4, which swipes homages Jack Kirby's[...]

An Exclusive Look Inside The Art Of Painted Comics

The book is written by Christopher Lawrence and takes a look at the works of painters like Alex Ross, Frank Frazetta, Joe Jusko, Bill Sienkiewicz and many more The 300 page tome looks at the history of paintings in comics and pulp covers going all the way back to the days of Doc Savage and[...]

The Thick Of It, Removed From The Cover Of Amazing Spider-Man #5

This was the Alex Ross cover, as solicited, for Amazing Spider-Man #5.This is how it was received by the creator of The Thick Of It. this is it as it has been printed, out this week.Awww.... would Malcolm say?   This was the Alex Ross cover, as solicited, for Amazing Spider-Man #5.This is how it was[...]

Free On Bleeding Cool – Doc Savage #2 By Roberson And Evely

The cover art was done by Alex Ross. It is 1949, and Doc Savage and his aides return from an adventure in far off, exotic locales to find danger waiting for them much closer to home Someone has discovered the location of Doc's "Crime College," the hidden hospital where he "cures" prisoners of their criminal tendencies[...]

Free On Bleeding Cool – The Shadow #7 By Gischler And Herbert

The cover art was done by Alex Ross. The Shadow is known for the mystic power which allows him to cloud men's minds and read their hearts But what happens when this power fails him? After the Shadow fails to stop a routine mugging, he travels to the Far East with his pilot and sidekick WWI[...]

Free On Bleeding Cool – Black Terror #1 By Jim Krueger And Mike Lilly

To go along with their Mystery! Masks! Dynamite Pulps! promotion over on Storybundle, Dynamite has sent over the first issue of Jim Krueger and Mike Lilly run on Black Terror. Spinning out of Alex Ross' Project Superpowers is the first new ongoing series -opening with this four-part story by Ross, Krueger and Lilly! This new series is the foundation to our[...]

Free On Bleeding Cool – Robert E Howard Presents Thulsa Doom #1

The book has a cover by Alex Ross. From the pages of writer Robert E Howard comes the debut of Dynamite's Thulsa Doom! Written by Kull writer Arvid Nelson and illustrated by Lui (Red Sonja) Antonio, the opening story arc also features cover artist Alex Ross! Featuring the origins of the ultimate anti-hero, Thulsa Doom #1 opens[...]