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Funko London Toy Fair Reveals- American Psycho Craft and Killer Clowns

Funko London Toy Fair Reveals- American Psycho, Craft and Killer Clowns

You can pre-order all four of these common releases here. Our last reveals is one that was quite a surprise and I know fans will get mad about some of it. American Psycho will be getting its first wave of Funko Pop figures featuring Cristian Bale in all of his crazy glory To make it even better it looks like[...]

Matt Smith Creeps You Out in First Trailer for Charlie Says

Matt Smith Creeps You Out in First Trailer for 'Charlie Says'

American Psycho director Mary Harron's newest film Charlie Says has debuted a trailer this morning Starring Doctor Who's Matt Smith as notorious serial killer Charles Manson, the film tells the story of the three women who helped him perpetrate his crimes and a graduate student's (Merritt Wever) attempts to rehabilitate them Check out the trailer[...]

Hulus Bret Easton Ellis Less Than Zero Series Looks at 80s Decadent Youth

Hulu's Bret Easton Ellis 'Less Than Zero' Series Looks at '80s Decadent Youth

after dark. Than Zero is only one of four of Ellis's works to be adapted to film: Mary Harron's Christian Bale/Jared Leto-starring American Psycho in 2000, which would go on to achieve cult status; Roger Avary’s 2002 The Rules of Attraction with James Van Der Beek; and 2008’s The Informers, based on a number of[...]

Matt Smith Goes from Playing Prince Philip to Charles Manson

Matt Smith Goes from Playing Prince Philip to Charles Manson

Graduate student Karlene Faith was tasked with reeducating those women, and the film’s narrative will explore through her eyes the trio’s transformation as they come to terms with their crimes.Harron is no stranger to psychotic material, having previously directed such films as American Psycho, I Shot Andy Warhol, and an episode of The Following[...]

Grab Your Torches And Pitchforks Theyre Remaking American Psycho

Grab Your Torches And Pitchforks, They're Remaking American Psycho

I know technically it's not a remake but rather a second adaptation of the same text, but remake takes less time to say.Noble Jones, a director who so far can only lay claim to music video credits, commercials, and second unit work on The Social Network, is planning to make his feature film debut with a new[...]