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Nintendo To Release Legend Of Zelda Amiibo With Skyward Sword HD
This week, Nintendo revealed they'll be launching a new Zelda amiibo alongside The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD The new design inspired by the game will give you a couple of small abilities when you use them on the Switch's right joy-con Or if you're not into cheats, at least you now have a[...]
Nintendo Announces Super Mario Maker 2 Release For June 2019
A post on the GameFAQ's site has taken note of the fact that something appears to be missing from the game that you can find in other Nintendo Switch titles, and that is the amiibo logo for games that have support for the figures The poster uses a couple different examples of games on the[...]
splatoon 2 amiibo octoling
If you've been hoping for a brand-new amiibo to add to Splatoon 2, Nintendo is about to fulfill your wishes in time for the holidays The company sent out a tweet over the weekend that got buried in all of their San Diego Comic-Con coverage that media outlets finally noticed, as they'll be giving you[...]
detective pikachu
Meeting and interrogating all of these characters throughout the game is part of the fun. Also launching on March 23rd is a special edition Detective Pikachu amiibo figure This extra-large amiibo can unlock cutscenes if tapped in the Detective Pikachu game, revealing a combination of hilarious content that might also provide a hint[...]
Splatoon 2 is Getting New Amiibo, as well as a Map, and Weapons
Nintendo recently announced that Splatfest hosts and pop duo Pearl and Marina will soon be available as amiibo While no details have been given as to what their functions will be when activated in the game, the video description for their announcement trailer, we might have some clues "First, you've got Pearl, the cute and[...]
Peach's Amiibo From 'Super Mario Odyssey' Has An Awesome Bonus
A funny little discovery for fans over the weekend as they learned one of the new amiibo figures for Super Mario Odyssey comes with an unusual trait Below is the figure for Princess Peach wearing a regal wedding dress as part of the game's storyline, most likely with her finally getting married to Bowser after[...]
Shovel Knight
Nintendo gave us quite a few announcements concerning Shovel Knight at PAX West, but despite how excited I am for Shovel Knight: King of Cards, it was the amiibo themselves that got me Because Specter Knight You can slap Specter Knight on anything, and I will be there with bells on And to give us Specter Knight[...]
Could 'NBA 2K18' Be Getting Amiibo's For Nintendo Switch?
Probably the oddest news of the day that might actually sell really well, news is going around that the version of NBA 2K18 for Nintendo Switch may be getting amiibos According to Nintendo's Japanese website, the game will come with amiibo support for the Nintendo Switch version, which mean not seem like a big deal[...]
Want A T-Rex Mario Amiibo? You Can Make Your Own Right Now
Ever since Super Mario Odyssey premiered at E3, there's been a small demand online for amiibo figures of the Mario-possessed enemies You know, the ones where you see a Bullet Bill with a Mario hat and mustache Well, one YouTuber has a solution for you to get one now rather than waiting for it to be[...]
We Just Want To Hug This 'Binding Of Isaac' Amiibo
The photo below was revealed by the company as it looks like Isaac will be getting its own amiibo figures. There's absolutely no further details attached to this, in fact, many reporting on it can't even confirm when it will be happening or if this is happening at all But it isn't too far fetched since[...]
New Amiibos Revealed Across Several Nintendo Twitter Feeds
We're only giving you a small display here, but a new set of amiibo figurines have started popping up on the Japanese-centric Twitter feeds for Super Smash Bros., Splatoon 2, and The Legend of Zelda Personally, we're digging that adult Link and the awesome designs on Bayonetta and Cloud We can't wait to see how these new figures[...]
Nintendo Heads Including Miyamoto Make Amiibo Poses And It's Adorable
They really are a unique brand in the major game and platform publishing field, that give the entire industry something different. Well, just for the fun of it, a bunch of regular Nintendo faces turned up to do the poses of the ever popular Amiibo characters to see if you can guess them. Shigeru Miyamoto, Splatoon director Tsubasa[...]
The Collector's Edition: Microsoft Can't Dig It
 Regular retail will get a vanilla regular edition, while PM's website has a $50 limited edition with a 2 CD soundtracks, and a super limited $100 edition with a collectible box, 2 CD soundtrack, and 2 disk vinyl collection. The game looks cool with an interesting soundtrack, I've already pre-ordered my limited edition from their website and[...]
Kirby And Star Fox Were Considered For Skylanders Toys
In a weird brand crossover, both Donkey Kong and Bowser are becoming part Amiibo, part Skylander toy this year The toys-to-life cross over dream team will make its debut in Skylanders: Superchargers this fall. They weren't the only characters considered for this though Apparently both Kirby and Fox McCloud came pretty close to becoming Skylanders too[...]
A Real Awesome Shovel Knight Amiibo Has Been Announced
I've been hearing rumors of a Shovel Knight amiibo for a while now, and the mere idea has had me buzzing I'm a big fan of Shovel Knight, and if you haven't played the game yet, you really, really should. That's why I'm very happy a Shovel Knight Amiibo has now been announced officially[...]