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Lando: Double or Nothing #1 cover by W. Scott Forbes
Nothing in this comic indicates that he wouldn't just off this jerk and go about his day. Lando: Double or Nothing #1 art by Paolo Villanelli and Andres Mossa Paolo Villanelli's artwork pulls a lot of the weight in terms of Lando's charisma Donald Glover is one of the best-looking people alive, and Villanelli captures that perfectly[...]
Spirits of Vengeance #4 Cover by Dan Mora and Federico Blee
It tries to explain the rules of this "covenant" between the forces of Heaven and Hell, and it manages to make it all quite dull. Spirits of Vengenace #4 art by David Baldeon and Andres Mossa David Baldeon's artwork feels put to better use, too His style is quite good for surrealist hellscapes and unique environments[...]
Where The Kids Look Like Kids – The All New X-Men Annual #1, Reviewed
By Joe Glass, Bleeding Cool's Senior Mutant Correspondent, All New X-Men Annual #1 cover by Cory Smith & Andres Mossa The first (of this run, anyway Will it be the only?) annual of Marvel's All New X-Men packs two stories for the price one, and both contain some of the best X-Men storytelling in a while[...]