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Capcom Home Arcade - Trailer

Capcom Officially Announces the Capcom Home Arcade

Have you ever wanted every arcade version of a Capcom game at your disposal complete with a fight stick? Now you have that option! Today the company unveiled the Capcom Home Arcade, a portable dual arcade stick with 20 pre-programmed games inside that is supposed to bring the ultimate Capcom experience to your home But[...]

Victrix Announce the "Pro FS" Fight Stick to Launch on March 15

Here's a quote from the PR sent out this morning on the arcade stick.[caption id="attachment_985412" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit//Victrix[/caption] “Victrix was created to fulfill the needs of professional players with high-end, durable, and tournament-focused equipment,” said Ozhan “Oz” Maker, Victrix general manager “Every aspect of our products is optimized for peak performance, starting with the Victrix Pro AF[...]

Razer Unveils Their PS4 Panthera Evo Arcade Fight Stick

This week, Razer unveiled a brand new arcade stick as they've created a successor to the Panthera with the Panthera Evo The company basically went out of their way to work with esports pros and other professional players and competitors to get as much feedback as possible in creating this new version of the stick[...]

Kamehameha! We Review Razer's Dragon Ball FighterZ Panthera Arcade Stick

Earlier this year we got the chance to check the amazing Razer Panthera arcade stick and had a pretty good time reviewing it with a few fighting games One of the games we got several rounds in with it was Dragon Ball FighterZ, and shortly after the game came out we got word that the[...]

Asking for a Fight: We Review Razer's Panthera Arcade Stick

with events like Dreamhack and Evo set to be some of the biggest draws of the year, and with it comes the yearly fascination from average gamers for proper arcade sticks There will always be a bit of an old-school pull toward them for most gamers as they take us back to an era where[...]