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Preview the Summer's Biggest Intercompany Crossover as Archie Meets Batman '66
Archie has released an early preview of their upcoming crossover with DC Comics, Archie Meets Batman '66 The premise of the story: one of Batman's battles with mentally ill criminals in Gotham City somehow spills over into Riverdale, and Batman and Robin find themselves facing off against… Mr Lodge? ARCHIE MEETS BATMAN '66 #1 Two iconic comic[...]
archie batman '66
Archie Comics and DC Entertainment have finally confirmed the more-than-one-year-old Bleeding Cool rumor of an Archie Meets Batman '66 crossover, the existence of which was first reported by Bleeding Cool back in December of 2016, for those who keep score, which is us We are obsessed with keeping score. Though Bleeding Cool's rumor had the series[...]