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New Origins For Solomon Grundy And Gotham in Arkham City (Spoilers)
It is later revealed that he committed suicide, calling the Solomon Grundy curse upon him. In today's Arkham City: The Order Of The World, it is revealed that Solomon Grundy goes much further back… Arkham City: The Order Of The World #3 Previously in the comics, it was established that a Norwegian mercenary, Captain Jon Logerquist, founded Gotham[...]
Of course, previews wouldn't be complete (according to the Bleeding Cool handbook) without SEO-rich keyword text in the opening paragraph and a clickbait headline, so that's what you're gonna get, baby! Solomon Grundy has given up the field of supervillainy for a new job as a tour guide in this preview of Arkham City: The[...]
Arkham City: Order Of The World Reflects The Best Of Arkham Asylum
Arkham City: The Order Of the World by Dan Watters (currently in Iceland) and Dani (presumably not in Iceland) sees its first issue out today And like a number of mini-series, it does its best to tie into current Batman continuity, putting "Fear State" in the solicitation headline and maybe keep its sales a little[...]
But as we witness one Arham Asylum doctor attempt to reason with a patient from the hospital for the criminally insane in this preview of Arkham City The Order of the World #1, Batman's methods don't seem so ridiculous after all, do they? Check out the preview below. ARKHAM CITY THE ORDER OF THE WORLD #1[...]
DC Comics October 2021 Solicits And Solicitations
Dan Watters and Dani last worked together on Coffin Bound from Image Comics back in 2019. Bleeding Cool loved that series immensely and so are totally down for their new project for DC Comics, Arkham City: The Order of The World, spinning out of the current Infinite Frontier Batman comic books, as inmates who escaped Arkham[...]
Become Nightwing as NECA Unveils Arkham City Prop Replica
NECA has unveiled that they will be making prop replicas for Nightwing's Escrima Sticks from the hit video game Batman: Arkham City The sticks are packed with some amazing detail and are loaded out with some amazing features that will please many fans The Escrima sticks will have LEDs built in and a special pulse[...]
Harley Quinn Returns to Arkham City With New Prime 1 Studio Statue
Coming out of the hit video game Batman: Arkham City, Joker's girlfriend returns in all of her glory Standing 23 inches tall, this devious criminal is displayed on a chair with a specialized base She is wearing the more realistic take of her costume straight from the game and is packed with high amounts of[...]
Prime 1 Studios Celebrates 10th Anniversary with “Batman: Arkham City” Statue
Batman: Arkham City is one of the best games to come out of Rocksteady's Arkham franchise Arkham Asylum is known for being the home of some of Gotham's most dangerous criminals From the dealing to the Joker, to Mr Freeze and the Killer Croc, these characters made the game a classic Prime 1 Studios is[...]
See The Remaster Quality In These Batman: Return To Arkham Comparison Shots
Yesterday, we got confirmation of the long rumoured Batman: Return to Arkham title that it set to remaster Arkham Asylum and Arkham City There is work being done on both titles that will bring them up to the current generations of consoles with a bit of a facelift. How much work you ask? Well, what better[...]
Batman: Arkham Asylum And Arkham City HD Collection Resurfaces
It was said Arkham Asylum and Arkham City would be making the jump to modern consoles, strangely without Arkham Knight, the topper to Rocksteady's trilogy. Well, the package has resurfaced, again with out the final Rocksteady instalment As sent to Eurogamer, a GameStop employee took this image showing off a remaster of the first two games[...]
Arkham Knight To Get Preview Comic
Arkham Knight is the third and final release in the Rocksteady video game franchise that also included Arkham Asylum and Arkham City It's the first of the series to introduce a new character, the Arkham Knight. The digital-first prequel comic bridges the gap between Arkham City and Arkham Knight It will be written by Peter J[...]
Essential 8 Comic Book Games – Cards, Batman, Seizure Dreams And More Batman
There are moments of black comedy gold (hint: one of them involves plastic cutlery, several involve power tools) voiced by Thomas Jane that will make you miss the comics and loathe the flaws of the cinematic adaptations of the comic. Arkham City Alright, this is the one This is the best comic book video game I've ever[...]
Bethany's Super Awesome Worbla Tutorials
You'e probably seen her at one of the major conventions dressed as either Captain Marvel, Domino, Arkham City Catwoman, Juliet Starling, Killer Frost, Scorpion or one of the other characters she brings to life. Besides wearing the costumes, she crafts them and has decided to take up sharing her knowledge with other cosplayers I came across[...]
Save Lives in Gotham and Africa At The Same Time With The New Humble Bundle
Want to get copies of Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City? You can have them and four other games while saving lives in the Horn of Africa! And you can set your own price to do it! WB Games and Humble Bundle revealed the latest two-week "bundle" appearing on the  Humble Bundle website. Included in the bundle[...]
Everything We Know About The Upcoming Batman Videogame… Or Games
Games Montreal dealt with the WII U port of Arkham City, and their senior producer Ben Mattes tweeted that the company were going to announce "something" in "grand fashion" in two to three months time There's no guarantee of it being an Arkham game, or even a Batman one, but things do seem to be[...]
A Batarang For $750? I Do Hope It's Functional For That Price
Gamasutra have created a couple of statuey things based on the Batman: Arkham City game One, a detachable Batarang being grasped by Batman's fist for $750, limited to 7500 copies And the Riddler trophy from the game for $350, limited to 440 copies. Feast your eyes… [...]
Mark Hamill Says Goodbye To The Joker
He said it was going to be hard to top Arkham Asylum and then we presented our plans for Arkham City and he was like "Yeah that sounds pretty awesome," so… Never say never? I think that's the rule in life generally, yeah. But at sixty he appears he wants to concentrate on directing now. "The[...]
NYCC: The Arkham City Panel
Eric Glover writes for Bleeding Cool Salivating fans of the Batman: Arkham Asylum game got a tasty new tease of its highly anticipated sequel Batman: Arkham City on Friday, as well as some behind-the-scenes reveals by Rocksteady Studios creators and voice actor Kevin Conroy The event kicked off with Arkham City's launch trailer, and followed up[...]