Become Nightwing as NECA Unveils Arkham City Prop Replica

NECA has unveiled that they will be making prop replicas for Nightwing's Escrima Sticks from the hit video game Batman: Arkham City. The sticks are packed with some amazing detail and are loaded out with some amazing features that will please many fans. The Escrima sticks will have LEDs built in and a special pulse feature that will bring the replica to life. NECA also included a retractable fiction that will allow Nightwings weapon to open and close measuring 12" close and 18" open. They are direct recreations from Nightwings Escrima sticks in the game and will be a must have for any die-hard fan.

It is not often that we get replicas for superheroes especially ones from hit video games like Batman: Arkham City. From sculpt to the spring features and vibrations, this is on the replica that will be great for Nightwing fans and cosplayers. Nightwing is still in Batman's shadow after all these years but this collectible shows that there is a demand for other members of the growing bat-family to shine. The Batman: Arkham City Nightwing's Escrima Stick Prop Replica will be priced at $35 making it a total of $70 for a pair. They are expected to release in June, and pre-orders are already live and fans can find them located here.

"Batman: Arkham City – Nightwing's Escrima Stick Prop Replica – From the second chapter in the most successful Batman video game series ever! This exact replica of Nightwing's signature Escrima Stick was created directly from the digital files used in Batman: Arkham City. It features signature LED lights and a vibration to simulate the in-game "electrical pulse" that makes it such a powerful weapon. The replica measures 12 inches retracted, and springs open to 18 inches. Batteries not included."

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