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Logitech G Reveals The New Astro A30 Wireless Gaming Headset
Logitech G revealed multiple new products last week, including a new addition from Astro Gaming with the A30 Wireless Gaming Headset The look and feel of this model is basically an upgrade from the previous sets as they have taken what makes Astro stand out over the years and capitalized on it with newer features[...]
Astro Gaming Reveals The A10 Gen 2 Wired Gaming Headset
Astro Gaming revealed a brand new addition to their line of headsets as they unveiled the A10 Gen 2 Wired Gaming Headset As you can see they've made a number of changes to the A10, which has basically been their pride and joy for years as it was a versatile gaming headset that could take[...]
ASTRO Gaming Reveals The New A03 In-Ear Monitor
ASTRO Gaming revealed this week they have a brand new pair of gaming earbuds on with the A03 In-Ear Monitor These look pretty sweet as they are designed to produce the same kind of audio experience you would get from any of their full gaming headsets You can get them in two color-ways, with either[...]
ASTRO Gaming Reveals A New Call Of Duty A10 Gaming Headset
ASTRO Gaming has partnered up with Activision to release a new Call Of Duty themed A10 gaming headset this week The headset is being released to celebrate the eventual drop of the new CoD title, Black Ops Cold War It offers everything the current version of the A10 does, with the bonus of the designs[...]
ASTRO Gaming Reveals A20 Gaming Headset For Next-Gen Consoles
ASTRO Gaming revealed a new version of their popular A20 Gaming Headset, designed for the upcoming next-gen consoles This version is called the Gen 2 A20, specifically designed to work with the PS5 and the Xbox Series X, this version is bringing you the same audio features and specifications to the new consoles you've been[...]
ASTRO Gaming Introduces The New ASTRO.ID Line
ASTRO Gaming revealed a brand new line of headsets today as they introduced people to ASTRO.ID, a new set of colorful options for the A40 TR Starting today, you can buy one of several combinations tied to one of the company's best-selling products For those of you looking to color-coordinate, the A40 TR options include[...]
Totino's Unveils ASTRO Gaming Headset For "Modern Warfare" Launch
Well, bow you can add gaming headset to that as they have partnered with ASTRO Gaming for a new pair This is actually part of an extension to its existing collaboration with Activision over Call of Duty: Modern Warfare This is a specialty item that was co-designed by Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag, the founder and CEO[...]
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During our second day at E3 2019, one of the first appointments we went to was to check out all the new gear ASTRO Gaming brought to the table The first thing we got to check out was the brand new A50 Wireless Headset, which immediately caught our attention This is the fourth generation of[...]
Review: Astro Gaming's The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild A10 Headset
One of the best looking headsets we ever saw from Astro Gaming was The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild A10 gaming headset To be clear about this headset, if the design and theme didn't already give it away, these were specifically designed to work with the Nintendo Switch But how well do they[...]
Review: Astro Gaming A40 TR X-Edition Gaming Headset
A little while ago, we received a couple new headsets from Astro Gaming to try out for review, the first one being the A40 TR X-Edition This one was specifically made to celebrate the company's ten year anniversary of bringing you high-quality audio to your gaming sessions by bringing back an updated classic with some[...]
Astro Gaming Celebrates a Decade with the X-Edition at E3
While we were at E3 last week, we had a chance to drop in and see what Astro Gaming was bringing to the party, and we weren't disappointed The company had already teased the A40 TR X-Edition, which is a special red-and-blue edition of their flagship gear Everything about this one is clean and well designed[...]
Astro Gaming Was Acquired By Logitech But Will Still Make Peripherals
Yesterday, Logitech announced that it has acquired Astro Gaming and Astro will be joining the Logitech G gaming team Logitech has earned a reputation for its focus on PC, tablets and phone peripherals, but acquiring Astro Gaming allows the company to add console accessories to its products as Astro Gaming has made a name for[...]
We Picked Up The New A10 Gaming Headset From Astro Gaming At E3
One of the many swag items I picked up at E3 this year was a fine headset from Astro Gaming The company had a cool room set up to try out their new line called the A10 Gaming Headset These were specifically designed to be accessible to a wide range of gamers at an affordable[...]
Astro Gaming Release New Affordable Model That's Unbreakable
Astro Gaming has primarily been known in the headphone side of things for making high-end models for eSports players And while those models are amazing, they're not exactly on the affordable end of things for us average gamers Well, until now At E3 the company unveiled their brand new Astro A10 models that will be[...]