Batman And Two Face

Today Something Happens In Batman And Two Face. Is That A Spoiler (UPDATE x3)

Today Something Happens In Batman And Two Face. Is That A Spoiler? (UPDATE x3)

Today something happens in Batman And Two Face #28.Possibly something newsworthy.Not like last week's Batman #28 That was actually newsworthy, it pointed to a change in attitude at the publisher, and the character's name and appearance meant that running such a Spoiler was irresistible And we didn't try hard to resist.But this is different[...]

Champagne Supernova &#8211 Leaving New York

Champagne Supernova – Leaving New York

From there, I jumped on Justice League over the great Doug Mahnke and then helped polish off an issue of Batman And Two Face I also chased my kids around and did the dishes once or twice.I'm including a link to the trade paperback collection of The Bionic Man Versus the Bionic Woman series I[...]

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