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Batman #131
But long before this, (all of fifteen days ago) Bleeding Cool posted a few Batspoilers for Batman #131… how did we do? We saw Batman's body, shot-in-the-chest no longer in the North Pole but in a very familiar place? That's Crime Alley folks Where Martha Wayne and Thomas Wayne were shot by Joe Chill for disputed reasons[...]
Rewriting The Origin Of Batman's Yellow Oval Logo
Batspoilers. DC lawyer Bernie Kashdan told Batman movie franchise producer Michael Uslan that the addition of the yellow circle behind Batman's chest logo of the bat silhouette was "motivated by DC's need to trade-mark Batman's chest symbol for merchandising, et al., to come The legal opinion was that the simple drawing of a black bat was[...]
DC Comics Can't Stop Killing Off Batman (BatSpoilers)
Maybe I should make a more title-specific image. Batspoilers Bingo I think that will do, going forward, don't you? So, we have Failsafe facing down Batman, as seen in a previous preview Now with added letters. Now the question is here, is Bruce Wayne reassuring Tim Drake, his third Robin, over what is going to happen? Or has he[...]