Ubisoft Wanted Beyond Good And Evil 2 To Be Huge Despite Showing Us Very Little At E3

Ubisoft Wanted Beyond Good And Evil 2 To Be Huge Despite Showing Us Very Little At E3

One of the surprises at E3 this year was the announcement of Beyond Good And Evil 2, despite Ubisoft flat out denying that the game was even being worked on. Finally, we've got some answers as to why Ubisoft trucked out the game despite having very little other than a CGI trailer and some minimalist gameplay to look at. Beyond Good And Evil 2 was so raw at E3, we didn't even really consider it a game at the show. It was mostly a trailer and some incredibly early gameplay.

Speaking to IGN at E3, Ubisoft's CEO Yves Guillemot and French studios managing director Xavier Poix explained that they didn't want to reveal the game "before it was ready" because they wanted it to be a huge announcement, and that creative director Michel Ancel had a very specific vision. However, with what little of the game they gave us, you have to wonder if they were actually ready to debut the game or if they felt pressured to do so. All those Assassin's Creed: Origins leaks had to be weighing on the minds of the powers that be at Ubisoft. Even if only a little bit.

"We are ecstatic about the possibility to really come with something totally different from what was done before," Guillemot said. "Michel is really creating a new engine for that game, and his ambition is just, you know, it's just high. I would say very high. So we think we are going to be able to create something that will be outstanding."

"If we were to make Beyond Good & Evil 2 at some point we needed something very, very big," Poix added. "For years and years we thought about it, but … the game had to be enormous. It had to be in space, it had to be with planets, it had to be. So we created this technology called Voyager that's enabled us at least to get this feeling of travelling in space, going from one planet to another, to go from your ship to a bigger ship, to go out of your ship and be a normal person. That's the technology we've been working on for three years."

Sounds to me like they're trying to push this whole "it was intentional" agenda a bit too hard. Kind of reminds you of Microsoft with the Project Scorpio reveal last year. Let's not forget, E3 is hardly a developer's first choice for a game reveal, especially in recent years.

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