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Alan Moore
So I asked for DC Comics to send all of the money from any future TV series or films to Black Lives Matter, Moore revealed So from this point forward, monies that would be heading his way from projects like HBO & Damon Lindelof's pseudo-sequel spinoff/remix of Moore, artist Dave Gibbons & colorist John Higgins' comic book[...]
The Punisher
Specifically, its use as some kind of "call to arms" by law enforcement units, groups, and organizations across the country in response to the Black Lives Matter movement and the demands for police reform and social justice in light of a national epidemic of police shootings And then we started seeing sightings of the symbol[...]
Franklin: BBC Radio Play About the First Black Character in Peanuts
A chapter of Peanuts history is in fact a Black Lives Matter story. The play is a surprisingly potent and poignant meditation on the creative process, the politics of representation, Race in America, and the power of comics and pop culture It's also the first time Charles Schulz has been portrayed in a fictional recreation of[...]
The Daily Mail, GoFundMe and Black Lives Matter
Rather, it is its response to the Black Lives Matter campaign. The official logo for The Daily Mail Credit: The Daily Mail Official Facebook Page A cursory Google reveals a litany of negative news articles and commentary regarding BLM Private Eye confirms that The Daily Mail has "taken a hard line on BLM and the "violent mob"[...]
DC Comics Black Lives Matter Messaging - Will It Go Further?
A fictionalised version of the event that this former Marvel editor and Star Trek writer went through in Central Park that made international headlines and preceded the Black Lives Matter protests that followed the killing of George Floyd. DC Comics Runs #BlackLivesMatter Messaging – Will It Go Further? With the use of a pair of very special[...]
A look at TOM from Toonami (Image: Adult Swim)
Viewers of Adult Swim's late-night block of anime programming got more than they expected Saturday night when Toonami host and our resident robotic champion TOM (voiced for the past twenty years by Cowboy Bebop voice actor Steve Blum) voiced his support on behalf of all of Toonami of the Black Lives Matter message and movement. A[...]
Anthony is a Devastating Life-Told-Backwards That Never Happened
It's the most devastating drama of the year and utterly relevant in the year of Black Lives Matter It is a story told backward Everything we see is a fiction of a life denied before we come to that horrific moment of tragedy back in 2005 As we said back then, Jimmy McGovern "is one[...]
Speaking with ET's Katie Krause on Wednesday, Modrovich revealed that the series will be directly addressing the issues of social justice and Black Lives Matter during season 6: "When we got back to the [writers] room, we started looking at the fact that we're a cop show and in what ways have we contributed or[...]
A scene from Squidbillies (Image: Adult Swim)
Those of you betting on ex-Squidbillies voice actor Stuart Daniel Baker (aka stage name Unknown Hinson) to not address his firing from the Adult Swim series over racist, sexist, and other offensive comments posted and directed at country music legend Dolly Parton and the Black Lives Matter movement, better luck next time Two days after the[...]
A scene from Squidbillies (Image: Adult Swim)
After a series of racist and other offensive comments that were posted and directed at country music legend Dolly Parton and the Black Lives Matter movement, Squidbillies star Stuart Daniel Baker (aka stage name Unknown Hinson) has been fired from the Adult Swim animated series While Baker may have provided the voice of Early Cuyler[...]
Marvel Comics' Christian Cooper In Central Park Racial Confrontation
Two months ago, just before the Black Lives Matter protests went global, Bleeding Cool reported on former Marvel Comics editor, writer and birdwatcher Christian Cooper's altercation in Central Park Which, recorded by his sister and comic book writer and HBO TV developer Melody Cooper, saw finance worker Amy Cooper (no relation)  threatened that she would call[...]
Nerd Food: Pride Food Edition - 5 Items you can't Ignore!
Check out the rest of the Dockers site and see what they're doing for the Black Lives Matter movement as well.  K-Swiss NOH8 $25+ K-Swiss NOH8 CAMPAIGN Collection Image Credit: The NOH8 Campaign teamed up with K-Swiss to release one stunning pair of shoes They're comfortable, perfect for all outfits, and won't break the bank[...]
Danay Garcia as Luciana, Colman Domingo as Victor Strand - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 8 - Photo Credit: Van Redin/AMC
Whether in person or through social media, fans have gotten to know the actors over the year, and they've gotten to know a number of Walking Dead fans. Colman Domingo as Victor Strand – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 4 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC It's that level of community and communication that's allowed The[...]
Why Hasn't Jimmy Kimmel Addressed His Own Blackface History?
Now let's address the 800 lb gorilla in the room. In light of the events surrounding the death of George Floyd and the subsequent protests fronted by Black Lives Matter sparked all over the country and expanded across the globe, many across the entertainment industry made dramatic changes at a cultural level addressing systemic racism not[...]
Tom King and Trevor Von Eeden's Unpublished Black Lives Matter Comic
The intervention of Black Lightning in the increasingly stressed situation saves the man with the gun aimed at him, but dooms the superhero. Tom King and Trevor Von Eeden's Unpublished Black Lives Matter Comic PANEL 3: Big panel Black lightning lying in the street He's been shot three times in the chest and stomach as he's bleeding[...]
Y'all Keep Misunderstanding The Purge: Why Black Lives Matter
Here is a list of just some of them: Minnesota Freedom Fund George Floyd Memorial Fund I Run With Maud Black Visions Collective Reclaim the Block Campaign Zero Communities United Against Police Brutality Black Lives Matter NAACP Legal Defense Fund American Civil Liberties Union Over at AfroTech, there is a great list of five apps that can help you find black businesses to help support in these[...]
25 More Race-Related Graphic Novels That Should Top Amazon Chart
With its breathtaking art, this graphic novel adaptation of Showtime at the Apollo brings to life the theater's legendary significance in music history, African American history, and to the culture of New York City. Six Days in Cincinnati: A Graphic Account of the Riots That Shook the Nation a Decade Before Black Lives Matter by Dan[...]
The Plague Nerdalogues: Kevin Smith, Grant Gustin Raise Funds for BLM
Bernardin rounded up the troops with a new mission: to raise money for Black Lives Matter. The Plague Nerdalogues: The Second Waves image is set to raise money for Black Lives Matter. "It became clear to me, as both an African American and a human being, that if we could raise money for a cause that's affected[...]