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Amazing Spider-Man #60 - Marriage, Mary Jane, Mysterio And M...?
Will Kindred be the original soul of Harry Osborn, rotting in hell since then, and never actually revived for Brand New Day? And will we see Peter and Mary's Schrödinger's Daughter again? AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #60 MARVEL COMICS DEC200589 (W) Nick Spencer (A/CA) Mark Bagley Peter and Mary Jane have been through so much… Spider-Man has been a constant strain on[...]
Amazing Spider-Man Last Rites Tops Advance Reorders
Amazing Spider-Man #55 Last Rites … and the events of One More Day and Brand New Day A Spider-Man who remembers none of it And a Kindred who remembers all of it And underlining the possibility that this is a Harry Osborn who went to hell and the version who appeared in Brand New Day –[...]
Millennial: What It Means That Spider-Man Is 28 Years Old
Is there anything more Gen X than that? It's clear that almost immediately Marvel back pedaled its decision to age Peter up, realizing he was out of synch with the times, but it would be another decade before they ripped that Band-Aid off. It's easy to pinpoint Peter's transition into millennial: the start of the "Brand[...]
Saying Goodbye To Spider-Man by Matthew H. Kleinert
While I was disgusted over the decision to end the marriage in the hopes of making Peter more marketable (It is no coincidence that sales plummeted when "Brand New Day" reduced Peter to a pathetic hard-luck loser just as they did when John Byrne had Peter sleeping on the streets), the methodology was so mind-numbingly[...]