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Millennial: What It Means That Spider-Man Is 28 Years Old

Is there anything more Gen X than that? It’s clear that almost immediately Marvel back pedaled its decision to age Peter up, realizing he was out of synch with the times, but it would be another decade before they ripped that Band-Aid off.It’s easy to pinpoint Peter’s transition into millennial: the start of the “Brand[...]

Fanboy Rampage: JMS Vs Steve Wacker (UPDATE – Now With Added Waid And Slott)

Joe Michael Straczynski posted on an open Facebook page, a link to the image above with the words Sales on The Amazing Spider-Man since my departure. Just sayin' Steve Wacker, current editor of the Spider-Man comics replied; An excellent post, JMS. Out of context, out of date and full of out-of-the-blue mean. Everyone on ASM […]

Saying Goodbye To Spider-Man by Matthew H. Kleinert

While I was disgusted over the decision to end the marriage in the hopes of making Peter more marketable (It is no coincidence that sales plummeted when “Brand New Day” reduced Peter to a pathetic hard-luck loser just as they did when John Byrne had Peter sleeping on the streets), the methodology was so mind-numbingly[...]