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Rendlesham: Sony Pictures TV To Tell UFO Story Of Britain's Roswell
and U.K. "When Eleventh Hour Films drew my attention to this extraordinary piece of British and American history it pressed all my buttons and I think it will do the same for a wide audience." – Ahearne Rendlesham is inspired by a reportedly "true" UFO incident at a US air base close to the village of Rendlesham,[...]
Brexit Pushes Up Price Of US Comics By Up To 25% In Three Days Time
The collapse of the pound sterling against the US dollar as a result of Great Britain's referendum result to leave the European Union, has today had its effect on the price of comic books. Diamond Comic Distributors has informed comic book stores that prices have increased as a result of changes in exchange rates, the first[...]
David Cameron Praises Star Wars, During Prime Minister's Question Time
After batting away a question from Douglas Carswell MP who switched earlier this year from Cameron's Conservative Party to UKIP. After that, Oliver Downden MP asked Cameron, Oliver Downden:  The triumphant Star Wars saga began life at Elstree Studios in my constituency, which continues to produce hits such as The Kings Speech and Suffragette. Speaker: Order! Order! The gentlemen[...]
Is American TV Leaving Dollars On The Table? The Panel Show
Often pionoeered in other markets, it was the UK versions in English that took the fancy of US execs and saw the success of the likes of Deal Of No Deal, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, The Weakest Link, Pop Idol (becoming American Idol), Big Brother, Britain's Got Talent, The X-Factor, The Voice and[...]
Suicide For Austere Times – Welcome To #WealthFair
It ties up valuable public resources that are best reserved for those most deserving. ACCEPTABLE FORMS OF SUICIDE: Please remember that by eliminating yourself you are putting the Great back into Britain And that you are British Care must be taken to not inconvenience anybody Always remember to pin a polite note to your clothes explaining[...]
An Attempt At A Glossary For Americans Watching The Olympic Opening Ceremony
The countdown of numbers took examples from across Britain, and especially London 18 in neon was taken from the sex shops of Soho. 4 The trip down the Thames was incredibly stylised from its mythical start through institutions of Henley, Richmond, the Oxford/Cambridge Boat Race and into London, with the a snatch of the theme tune[...]
More From The British Rob Granito
More from the British Rob Granito, exhibiting at comic conventions across the UK... and the deviantArt he appears to be swiping then selling as prints...
Are British Creators Up For A Pay Rise… And British Readers For A Pay Out?
Dollars per one British Pound.  Average of Month. Month Date Forecast Value 50% Correct +/- 80% Correct +/- 0 Apr 2012 1.6000 0.000 0.000 1 May 2012 1.597 0.018 0.040 2 Jun 2012 1.564 0.023 0.052 3 Jul 2012 1.543 0.027 0.061 4 Aug 2012 1.484 0.030 0.067 5 Sep 2012 1.456 0.033 0.073 6 Oct 2012 1.429 0.035 0.078 What will this mean to Britain and the comics industry? Well, firstly, British creators will get paid more A stronger dollar translates into more pounds Which means the US publishers will be more attractive to UK publishers and 2000AD may[...]
Asterix In Britain Trailer Exposes My Nation To Ridicule. Good.
The Asterix In Britain/On Her Majesty's Service film (Let's call it Asterix 4 going on) has released it's first trailer. Yes, it's in French, obviously, what were you expecting? It adapts the original comic, loosely of course Do look for London Market, fish and chip shops, a pub called the Crazy Cow (spongiformly hilarious), a barbers… and[...]
The Cover To Strip Magazine Issue Zero
Three pictures for sunny evening in London. Two days away from the thunderclouds descend as a judgment on high upon an unholy union of two... I'm sorry,
DC Comics Only This Week In The UK
Adverse weather conditions have led to severe delays for comics shipping this week in the UK. The DC books came over from America early, but that was all.