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Ultraman Anime Season 2 Coming to Netflix in 2022
The new CGI anime version of Ultraman is getting a second season on Netflix in 2022 The series is adapted from a manga series by Eiichi Shimizu and Tomohiro Shimoguchi, and Tsuburaya Productions, the owner of the Ultraman franchise The anime is produced by Production I.G and Sola Digital Art, with directors Kenji Kamiyama and[...]
Pink Panther: MGM Developing Live-Action CG Hybrid with Sonic Dir
This will be based on the animated character and mascot of the franchise, which will be rendered in CGI mixed in a live-action setting The studio will trust Jeff Fowler, who came off the successful live-action hybrid Sonic The Hedgehog for Paramount, to direct, according to Deadline Hollywood Chris Bremner (Bad Boys for Life (2020) will[...]
Usagi Yojimbo (Image: Stan Sakai)
I am working with an awesome team and I'm looking forward to finally seeing an Usagi series on the screen! I thank my wonderful fans, friends and family for their support and encouragement over the last 35+ years." Usagi Yojimbo (Image: Stan Sakai) Based on the series that originally began in 1984, the CGI-animated takes place in[...]
RWBY: The Official Manga From US Anime Series Coming From Viz Media
Viz Media is publishing RWBY: The Official Manga, an official manga adaptation of Rooster Teeth's popular American CGI anime , this time created by creators in Japan RWBY (pronounced "Ruby") began streaming in 2013 It has since garnered a massive global fanbase whose cosplayers can be seen in every major convention across the US Rooster[...]
Netflix' New Ultraman is a Derivative but Fun Sequel and Reboot
The only difference is the design of each new Ultraman, the fancy gadget his human host uses to transform, and the increasing sophistication of special effect technology, from in-camera FX to video FX to CGI. Just look at the show in its traditional form: can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: All Ultraman Transformations (1966-2016) ( That's[...]
Lucasfilm Addresses Using CGI To Recreate Carrie Fisher In Future Star Wars Films
Earlier this week news was emerging that seemed to imply that Disney and LucasFilm has been in negotiations with the family of Carrie Fisher regarding the possible future use of her likeness. Now it seems that things have gotten to a point that LucasFilm felt the need to step in and make a public statement via