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Blacking Out

Peter Krause and Chip Mosher Are Blacking Out For 70s Grindhouse Noir

Chip Mosher used to be the marketing guy at Boom Studios when Peter Krause drew the Irredeemable comic book there Now Chip Mosher is at ComiXology Originals, and Peter Krause is, well, still drawing comics But they are working together on a new comic book graphic novel, Blacking Out, being crowdfunded through Kickstarter A descent[...]

Chip Mosher of ComiXology, on the Hunt for New Originals at Thought Bubble

Last year, Chip Mosher of ComiXology, discovered the mini-comic by Greg Lockard, Tim Fish and Hector Boros, Liebestrasse at Thought Bubble when it was in Leeds This week, edited by Will Dennis, it was published as an original graphic novel on ComiXology Originals and had a panel to itself at the show.Thought Bubble is a[...]

NYCC '15: ComiXology Submit Offers A Self-Publishing Alternative

Roberts, Natasha Alterici, and was officiated by ComiXology Vice President of Communications and Marketing Chip Mosher.ComiXology is an Amazon owned company that provides a massive selection of digital comics for download anywhere on almost any device The format offers reading tools such as “Smart Lists” where the readers can categorize what they’ve purchased or want[...]

Wondercon '15 – Breaking Into Comics By Periscope

Hardwick talked to me about the dangers of getting his phone wet.Then today I just sat through a panel at Wondercon with Allison Baker, Chip Mosher, Jamal Igle, Molly Mahan,, Arune Singh and Dirk Wood as they talked about how they broke into comics into jobs without being a writer or an artist, and asked a question.It's Periscope,[...]

New Darkwing Duck Comic As Controversy Kicks Up A Notch

Though both disassociate themselves from any writing of the final arc "Dangerous Currency".Darkwing Duck creator Tad Stones makes public appearances with Silvani, but Ian Brill does not, and has appeared on panels with Aaron Sparrow and others related to the Duck Tales stories.And last year Egmont released a compendium of several of the Darkwing Duck[...]

Tweeting At Buzzfeed And Other Don'ts Of Indie Comics PR 101

“What not to do in Indie PR,” quickly developed as a sidestep in an otherwise constructive Indie Comics Marketing PR and Marketing 101 panel at this year’s San Diego Comic Con and only came as a result of Comixology’s Chip Mosher’s sense of humor and access to wifi The table of Fantagraphics and BOOM!’s best[...]

Providing DRM Free Books – The SDCC ComiXology Panel

Easton,  Joshua Fialkov, Becky Cloonan, and Chip Mosher.100 Books for $10 for International Comiccon, brings you 100 books from ComiXology Submit The deal is available until 7/27.Your comics can now be provided DRM free on ComiXology.ComiXology Submit is a curated platform of self-published comics, with no rights taken, no up-front fees ComiXology only takes 50%[...]