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Cover Variance: Nonplayer And Doctor Who

Nonplayer #2 has been a long time coming. Originally planned for May 2011, it makes even Brilliant #6 look timely. And it is finished, I can confirm that, I have been sent a copy, I will be reading with much gusto. Nate Simpson's gorgeously detailed separation of worlds into real and gaming life was utterly […]

New Titan Miniseries Focuses On The Ninth Doctor

From the moment Christopher Eccleston said "Nice to meet your, Rose Run for your life!" I was hooked on the new Doctor Who I had been a fan previously having grown up watching John Pertwee, Tom Backer, Peter Davidson and so on.. but Eccleston brought an intensity to the character that I absolutely loved.So I'm[...]

Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor Trailer, And Other Nice Things From Titan Comics

Hannah Means-Shannon liveblogged the NYCC Retailer Breakfast Meeting this morning. Where Titan Comics, as well as announcing a Ninth Doctor series, showed off the look of the new The Twelfth Doctor series, launching at the show. [youtube][/youtube] And as well as announcing Johnny Red from Garth Ennis, they also showed off  the expansion of the Michael […]

Doctor Who – The Companion Conundrum

The ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) was paired up with Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) Their relationship was one that you would expect - a wise old explorer showing a young girl who was naive to the universe what there was among the stars That was a fantastic start to an almost ten year journey for the[...]

A Doctor Puppet Holiday Special

Ever wonder what Doctor Who would look like done like the old Rankin/Bass Production Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer? Well here's your chance to find out in the Christmas special from Doctor Puppet. [youtube][/youtube]

Neil Gaiman Comments On The Doctor Who Numbering

Over on his tumblr account, Neil Gaiman was asked the following question by harryhadouken: Is the War Doctor now considered as the canonical Ninth Doctor? I'm not sure why Gaiman would be the one to ask this, yes he has written The Doctor's Wife and A Nightmare In Silver, but does that make him the authority […]

Your Unofficial Doctor Who Cheat Sheet

Are all your friends buzzing about this Saturday's 50th Anniversary of the Doctor and you're left scratching your head thinking "Doctor who"? Have you been watching since 2005 when Christopher Eccleston said "Nice to meet you Rose Run for your life!" but don't now what the hell a jelly baby is? Do you know what[...]

David Tennant Back For Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary?

I guess there might be space for Tennant and, if he'd only play along, Christopher Eccleston, seeing as Moffat has written for both before.It's worth noting that we have also asked our Who-adjacent friends about John Simm returning as The Master That's another persistent rumour that pops up in our inbox every now and then,[...]

First Images Of Thor 2's Dark Elves And, We Think, Malekith

Is this Malekith, as played by Christopher Eccleston? Well, most probably, yes.Click through on either of these to make them nice and huge.Odd Man Out does look like Malekith He has a star design on his chest that the comics version wore - and if that's too subtle for you, he's got that whole two-face[...]

Christopher Eccleston To Play Malekith The Accursed In Thor: The Dark World

That supervillain is Malekith the Accursed, and according to an announcement over at Deadline, he'll be wearing the face of Christopher Eccleston Those familiar with the comics, feel free to start theorising about potential plot arcs now.I feel it's a good choice Aside from the fact that Eccleston's face is never boring to look at,[...]

The BBC's New Borrowers – A Perfect Christmas Present?

 The Borrowers stars Stephen Fry, Victoria Wood and Christopher Eccleston and will also feature Robbie Sheehan (Misfits), Aisling Lotus (Dive), Sharon Horgan (Free Agents, Pulling) and Shaun Dooley (Exile, South Riding).The 90-minute film will be written by Ben Vanstone (Merlin, EastEnders) and be produced by Working Title Television Hailed by Working Title's Head of Television, Juliettte Howell,[...]