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Third Time Lucky For Mark Millar Talent Contest?
When Mark Millar's magazine CLiNT from Titan Comics was published several years ago, it ran a talent competition called Space Oddities, where unpublished comic book creators were encouraged to submit short stories for inclusion in the magazine Initially it ran smoothly for the first round, with a couple of people seeing their stories included But[...]
How The Cancellation Of CLiNT Will Help Batman Sales
So, this week sees the publication of the final issue of Mark Millar's CLiNT And it's the first such edition without a Mark Millar comic in it Instead, the magazine is filled with previews of upcoming Titan Comics publications, interviews with their creators and a feature on the Kick Ass 2 movie. But we also find[...]
Mark Millar's CLiNT Magazine Cancelled On The Day Kick Ass 2 Launches In The UK
After increasingly delayed issues, poor performance on the UK news stand it was intended for, and a disappearance from Titan's online promotion efforts, Bleeding Cool had been asking Titan Comics if Mark Miller's CLiNT magazine was to be cancelled after it's upcoming Film Special issue. We kept getting no comments, or changed conversations. Today, Titan released the[...]
The Return Of Space Oddities And What's Up With CLiNT?
Bleeding Cool has covered issues regarding the Space Oddities feature in the magazine CLiNT An open spot, Millar put an open call out for short stories from new creators to run in each issue He publicly bought a first wave of stories, which were published He then stated he would buy a second wave Which[...]
Mark Millar Talks About What He Wants To Do With His CLiNT
The CLiNT Facebook pages are full of people complaining about the timeliness of the anthology magazine published by Titan. But it looks like we might be getting an answer to the future of the mag, and confirmation on the reasons for delays. Looking at the solicitations for June, Anthony Woods asked on Millarworld; Third month in a row[...]
Are You An Brilliant Artist? Mark Millar Wants You
But concern that Mark Millar's CLiNT would run out of Mark Millar material before Nemesis 2 and Jupiter's Legacy came along may be assuaged by… CLiNT being rather late instead. The December issue, featuring Hit Girl and Secret Service may not be out until the end of the January Even while publisher Titan has been advertising[...]
How The Krampus Saved Christmas
Schrodt and I am best known for my contribution to Mark Millar's CLiNT Magazine and for my ongoing webcomic Dear Dinosaur (found every Thursday at In the spirit of Christmas, I am giving all of you a very special gift today…a sneak peek at my upcoming graphic novel, How the Krampus Saved Christmas. How the[...]
What Could CLiNT Look Like In A Few Months Time?
When CLiNT Magazine relaunched earlier this year, the title changed to Mark Millar's CLiNT But with Secret Service and Hit Girl approaching the end of their serialisation in CLiNT  – what's next? Nemesis 2 from Millar and McNiven was delayed from September to January, but now it's been bumped to at least February, Jupiter's Children has[...]
Greg Rucka On Leaving Marvel And DC Behind
You know, I'm starting to worry for  the now-named Mark Millar's CLiNT With Jupiter's Children and Nemesis 2 both delayed until next year, are we going to get to a point where Mark Millar's CLiNT runs out of Mark Millar material to print? Will we see Unfunnies, Shadowmen and Saviour pulled out from the bottom[...]
Clint Becomes… Mark Millar's Clint
It's what most people called it, now it's official, the new issue of CLiNT has been titled Mark Millar's CLiNT It has also begun republishing Death Sentence, which you may have first read about on Bleeding Cool last year. Also, the pre-publication and published covers have slight differences… the Kick Ass and Supercrooks movie features got[...]
CLiNT Strip Finds A New Home
Bleeding Cool has reported on issues that CLiNT Magazine has had over its Space Oddities strip, intended to be a home for brand new talent, who applied through the Millarworld message boards And the first fun seemed to go rather well, Mark picks his favourites and they ran in early issues of the magazine. But then[...]
Will America's Got Powers Be The Biggest Bang For Your Buck In April?
Because you don't get more top flight than those two. In the next issue of CLiNT (in the hands of certain lucky people now), Bryan Hitch shows off some preview art Here is a brief example of that; The magazine describes the comic, based on a superpowered reality show as the only way for people to deal[...]
Supercrooks by Mark Millar and Leinil Yu: The Prologue
The next issue of CLiNT Magazine accidentally shipped to comic stores three weeks ahead of schedule, requiring Diamond to request that shops not sell the comic Even thought it had already been on sale for days at Forbidden Planet and in a number of bookstores. Nevertheless, most seem to have complied. Most. I've been sent a number of[...]
CLiNT #15 Ships To UK Stores Early By Mistake
I understand that certain stores in the UK have received CLiNT Magazine #15 three weeks a week earlier than intended – including part of the final chapter of Kick Ass 2, before the final issue is published by Marvel next week. It also has a special Supercrooks "prelude" that won't appear in the Marvel version It's[...]