Angela Comes To Marvel's Contest Of Champions

Marvel's latest Contest of Champions event is rather interesting. It introduces two new character into the game – Angela and King Groot. In a storyline the puts the team together like an epic question in Dungeons & Dragons, you follow Gwenpool whose working basically as the DM. You have Moon Knight as a Paladin, Hawkeye as a ranger / archer, Ant-Man as a thief / rogue, Angela as the warrior / barbarian, Doctor Voodoo as the wizard / sorcerer, Nightcrawler as an elf and Deadpool as a bard. All teaming up to help Rocket & Groot because someone has been stealing objects and they look like Groot… which turns out to be King Groot.

The inclusion of Angela after an event that introduced a few new X-Men is interesting in that still not available in the game are any of the Fantastic Four.

Here is the King Groot's Loot motion comic.

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