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Dave Dorman, Anthony Marquez, and Elias Chatzoudis Cover Charlie's Angels #1
This is one comic you DON'T DARE TO MISS!!!! Charlie's Angels #1 exclusives: Salt City Comic Con Exclusive – by Dave Dorman  www.saltcitycomiccon.com Diamond SDCC Exclusive Cover – by Anthony Marques – Diamondcomics.com (also available in B&W and Virgin Art) More Great Art Exclusive cover – by Elias Chatzoudis  moregreatart.com (also available in virgin art) [...]
SDCC '15: Magnetic Press Studio Discusses Current And Upcoming Releases
Kennedy related that in their first year they have published twelve books, forty-four digital releases and two Eisner Award nominations for Tony Sandoval's Doomboy (Best Publication for Teens, aged 13-17) and Dave Dorman's Wasted Lands Omnibus (Best Graphic Album – Reprint) In year two, Kennedy stated they have planned 35 releases. Joining Kennedy to discuss current[...]
Denise Dorman Asks – Is Cosplay Killing Comic Con?
Denise Dorman is the wife of famed comic book/sci-fi/fantasy illustrator Dave Dorman She is a regular at comic conventions, accompanying her husband And, for Bleeding Cool, she decided to lift the curtain on a conversation being had widely within the convention attending community Ms Dorman writes: Privately, famed comic book industry personalities everywhere are discussing with each[...]
A Fan Collects Dave Dorman's Star Wars Art Into One Place On The Web
With the change from Dark Horse to Marvel for the Star Wars comic book franchise, I started thinking about all the amazing books Dark Horse did in that universe over the years and how often a Dave Dorman cover was involved Dorman has crafted some of the inconic images that come to mind when you[...]
Things To Do In Kansas City If You Like Comics – Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 3
Anderson writes for Bleeding Cool:  Have you ever wanted to meet and spend time with your favorite comic creators? Now you have that chance!  Meet Frank Cho, Steve Rude, Mark Chiarello, Camilla d'Errico, Terry Dodson, Dave Dorman, Mark Schultz, Tim Bruckner and other world renowned creators as over 200 artists converge on Kansas City, Missouri May[...]
Dave Dorman Announces New G I Joe Mini Art Book
Over on his blog, artist extraordinaire Dave Dorman has announced a second mini-art book featuring the work he did for Hasbro on the G.I Joe toy line The art was all for in-house use and not meant to be reproduced The pieces were done as if the soldiers existed in the real world[...]
Former Archaia Publisher And Boom! VP Join Together For Magnetic Press
Already among their upcoming catalogue of books will be: Dave Dorman's WASTED LANDS, JD Morvan and Bengal's NAJA and MEKA, F Ruiz Velasco's CULEBRA and LEGION OF BLOOD, Caio Oliveira's SUPER-EGO, PROPHET HILL, and VIVID, Francisco Paronzini's HUGO BROYLER, and Lucas Marangon's THINKING OUT LOUD. "The most exciting aspect of any creative field is the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from amazing talent," says Kennedy.  "There's an electrifying amount[...]
If You Watched Jaws And Wanted The Shark To Win…
Make no mistake, the sharks are the stars of this book, and the humans are the threat! The book will feature art by the likes of Dave Dorman (Aliens: Tribes, Star Wars: Dark Empire), Bob Eggleton (Godzilla, Magic: The Gathering), menton3 (Monocyte, LUST, TOME) Erik Gist (Conspiracy of the Planet of the Apes, Magic: The Gathering),[...]
Dave Dorman Covers Henchmen
Robot Paper's first release work is starting off right, with a cover by artist Dave Dorman known for his iconic work on Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises. The new series is about a unemployed office supply salesman who answers the wrong help wanted ad A dark comedy that focuses on what a person is willing[...]
The Art Of Painted Comics From Dynamite – From Adams To Vess…
Dynamite Entertainment is publishing The Art of Painted Comics hardcover in October, featuring painted comic book work by the likes of  Alex Ross, Greg Hildebrandt, Frank Frazetta, Joe Jusko, Michael William Kaluta, Bill Sienkiewicz, Neal Adams, Julie Bell, Joseph Michael Linsner, Glen Orbik, Simon Bisley, Dave Dorman, Phil Noto, Greg Horn, Brian Bolland, Ashley Wood,[...]
Dave Dorman Speaks Out Against Breastfeeding In His Comics
Like Saga by Brian Vaughan and Fiona Staples, due later this year. Fantasy artist Dave Dorman, best known in sci-fi and comics circles for his Star Wars work, has a problem. He writes; Juxtapozed against this image was Brian's specific quote, highlighted beneath the headline: "I just miss the days when I was a kid where you could[...]