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Dead Island 2 Reveals More Details During Livestream Showcase
Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios dropped a new trailer for Dead Island 2 this week, showing off the opening moments of the game The team basically decided that one of the best ways to tease the game is to give you a look at how it will all start, which is why the latest video[...]
Dead Island 2 Reveals More Details During Livestream Showcase
Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios have released a new video for Dead Island 2 today, as we get a much better look at the gameplay This isn't some flash-in-the-pan trailer, either This is nearly 15 minutes worth of content as they give you a guided tour of the game and how everything will work for[...]
Dead Island 2 Reveals Its Final Survivor Named Bruno
Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios have revealed the final survivor for Dead Island 2 as we get a proper introduction to the character Bruno They don't really show much of the character in the 30 seconds they have here, aside from hearing his voice and getting a glimpse at some of his traits and abilities[...]
Dead Island 2 Reveals More Details During Livestream Showcase
Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios confirmed Dead Island 2 will be released a week ahead of schedule for PC and consoles The game will now be coming out on April 21st, 2023 No real reason was given for the update or the game being pushed up, other than they want to get it out earlier[...]
Dead Island 2 Releases New Character Trailer For Carla
Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios revealed a new trailer this week for Dead Island 2, highlighting a new character by the name of Carla With a love of axes and a distaste for all things undead, Carla makes a brutal addition to the game as she's swinging for the fences at anything that moves You[...]
Dead Island 2 Introduces New Character In Latest Trailer
Deep Silver and developer Dambuster Studios have released a new Dead Island 2 trailer showing off the latest character for the game, Dani As we slowly make our way to the official release on April 28th, 2023, we're getting to know more of the characters you'll be fighting with, and none look tougher than the[...]
Dead Island 2 Reveals More Details During Livestream Showcase
Deep Silver took some time today to show off more of what's coming to Dead Island 2 in a special livestream showcase The stream showed a special pulp-adventure setting with three fictional characters set in a similar universe to Dead Island 2, as they attempt tot ell you everything that's going on while also having[...]
A Dead Island 2 build from five years ago has leaked.
We've been expecting to get our hands on Dead Island 2 for some time now, but it looks like that may never happen given that we've heard so little about it ever since then Now, five years later, it looks like a build straight from 2015 has leaked onto the internet, and it looks like[...]
New Job Listing Suggests Dead Island 2 Is Still Alive Somehow
Somehow, after all this time, it appears Dead Island 2 is still an active project, despite several studios nearly ending it along the way This game has basically been the hot potato or constant albatros of the industry for nearly a decade Originally developed by Techland, they dumped the game off to Deep Silver so[...]
"Dead Island 2" Is Now In The Hands Of Deep Silver
The gaming hot potato that is Dead Island 2 has changed developers yet again, this time landing in the hands of Deep Silver The last time we heard anything about the game was a couple of months ago back when Microsoft put up a generic listing for the title That has since been deleted and[...]
The Microsoft Store Lists Dead Island 2 Before E3 2019
Well, if this isn't the greatest hint that we're going to be seeing something from Dead Island 2 during E3 2019, I don't know what is Being developed by Sumo Digital and published by Deep Silver, we haven't seen or heard much about this game since it went into development All we truly knew was[...]
Dead Island 2 May Have Just Switch to Another Developer
In the endless saga of Dead Island 2's developmental hell, it sounds like the game may have been switched to a new developer this month as we reported earlier this year, the game left it's original development home at Techland to go to YAGER, who apparently did very little with it before it was shipped over[...]
Dead island 2
The official Dead Island account has said that Dead Island 2 is still set to come out at some point, despite being silent for years. Dead Island 2 has been lost in the aether for quite a while The game was announced all the way back in 2014 with a pretty cool trailer that showed a[...]
Dead Island 2 Could Be Dead As It Disappears From Steam Store
Dead Island 2 has had one of the most torrid development cycles of a AAA game that I can remember in a long time The game was stripped from talented developer Yager not too long ago after years of work,  and it was then announced that Sumo Digital would be taking the reigns. However, that handover[...]
Techland Producer Would Take On Dead Island 2 If Asked
Techland invented the Dead Island series a few years ago, but left their baby to go make sleeper hit Dying Light, instead of taking on Dead Island 2 The latter, which continued production without Techland, hasn't gone so well for publisher Deep Silver though Developer Yager have recently been taken off the project, leaving the game[...]
Dead Island 2 Has Lost Its Developer
Well this is disconcerting. Publisher Deep Silver have announced that they've dropped Yager as the developer on Dead Island 2 In a statement they said: With Dead Island 2, Deep Silver has always been dedicated to delivering the sequel that Dead Island fans deserve. After careful consideration, today we announce the decision to part ways with development partner Yager[...]
Dead Island 2 Won't Rise Until 2016
Dead Island 2 seemed to disappear for a while We saw that it was meant to come out this spring, but that obviously hasn't come to fruition In fact, it has been pretty much silent since E3 last year. Unsurprisingly, the news today is that the game has been delayed We won't be seeing Deep Silver's[...]
Report: Dead Island 2 Seemingly Delayed Until Fall
Dead Island 2 has been missing in action for a while It was announced at E3 last year alongside a pretty effective trailer, but since then it has been pretty quiet from Deep Silver. That is why you might be surprised to know that the game is still slated for release this Spring With no sign[...]
Fighting for Supremacy – Sony's Press Conference At E3
The attention to detail and adaptable gameplay went down well with the audience and this outing already looked like it would entertain the imagination of young and old alike. Horror was next, From Software's Bloodborne looked to be taking the Demon Souls/Dark Souls formula into a disturbing gothic world and then the first game play footage[...]