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DC Release Video Interviews for Death Of Superman 30th Anniversary
DC Comics' The Death of Superman 30th Anniversary Special goes to Final Order Cut-Off on Sunday for comic book stores, and so DC Comics is doing a last-minute push to get people to order a comic book celebrating an event many of them were too young to have read Okay some of them, anyway So[...]
The Death of Superman, AgaiWith Doombreaker
The creative teams behind The Death Of Superman storyline thirty years ago are returning for a new 80-Page The Death of Superman 30th Anniversary Special #1 for the 8th of November, as well as Superman #75 and The Death of Superman special editions for 1st of November the 1st and 6th of December. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1[...]
DC Comics Officially Announces The Death of Superman Tomorrow. Again.
Earlier today, the Superman Twitter account tweeted out the word "Tomorrow." and the following image from the 1992 Superman storyline, The Death Of Superman From thirty years ago, this December Original writer/artist on the series, including the infamous Superman #75, Dan Jurgens quote tweeted it adding "BIG DAY." Especially, I guess, for the Man of[...]
The Death Of Superman From DC Comics Today (Spoilers)
Today, Action Comics #1037 from DC Comics sees the death of Superman Possibly two of them Maybe It has certainly been repeatedly teased, and Bleeding Cool saw this coming back in March – but is it real? In March we reported; The Death of Superman was a 1992/1993 crossover event from DC Comics' that made mainstream[...]
Action Comics
As one does. Action Comics #1030 Full Of Foreshadowing For The Death Of Superman Jonathan Kent, the Superman of the Justice League, as seen in Future State? Yes, that's the one What will this mean for the Justice League? Action Comics #1030 Aside from some rather dodgy beverage licensing deals, courteys of Midnighter? And while Damian Wayne gets his[...]
The Daily LITG, 8th March 2020
You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. Daily LITG: Lucifer, Pokémon GO and The Death Of Superman – the ten most-read stories yesterday… The world keeps turning, and America is beginning to heal from all the burns Even if a few scabs need pulling off first. Lucifer: Lesley-Ann Brandt Shares Touching Final Moment with[...]
Will DC Bring Us A New Death Of Superman? (Spoilers)
The Death of Superman was a 1992/1993 crossover event from DC Comics' that made mainstream media and got public attention more than any other comic book story before it – or after it Superman #75, which features his death, sold over six million copies over a number of printings and became the top-selling comic of[...]
And Tales From The Dark Multiverse: The Death of Superman #1 by Jeff Loveness, Brad Walker and Andrew Hennessy will be returnable whatever retailers order… JOKER KILLER SMILE #1 (OF 3) (MR) (W) Jeff Lemire (A/CA) Andrea Sorrentino Everyone knows The Joker doesn't have the most promising history with psychotherapists In fact, no one's even been able to[...]
Death of Superman, Knightfall Kick Off DC Tales from the Dark Multiverse Line
And they're kicking the line off with Batman: Knightfall (by Scott Snyder, Kyle Higgins, Javier Fernandez, and Lee Weeks) and The Death of Superman (by Jeff Loveness, Brad Walker, Andrew Hennessy, and Weeks again), both of which, of course, will be number one issues Make yours DC, true believers! TALES FROM THE DARK MULTIVERSE: BATMAN: KNIGHTFALL[...]
Comic Book Hot Tips from 1993
Judging by the comics in the box, it looks like this cache of comics stuff went missing around 1993. Say goodbye to this box! 25 years later, it's finally hitting the recycling bin. Shall we take a look inside? First up, a printed flyer advertising DC's Doomsday: Death of Superman Trade Paperback, printed, of course, due to overwhelming[...]
First Look at the Death of Superman Animated Movie Trailer
The next DC Animate Film adapts one of the bestselling comic book stories of all time, the Death of Superman The new film is part of the universe that was created in 2014 in Justice League: War and has continued through the last four years. The synopsis reads: "The Man of Steel meets his ultimate match[...]