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Star Wars: The Bad Batch Premiere Dazzles...We Say Must Watch REVIEW
It's not unusual for voice actors to play multiple roles on projects, but to do it to the degree that Dee Bradley Baker does it in the Star Wars universe is a feat in and of itself, a type that would make the late Mel Blanc proud While Baker has voiced all clone troopers in[...]
Star Trek: Prodigy: Starts Murfwatch for Metamorphosis Before S01 E14
Murf (Dee Bradley Baker), the lovable amorphous Mellanoid slime worm, is transforming, and fans online will be able to see the change in real-time just in time for "Crossroads," the 14th episode of Star Trek: Prodigy's first season While you see Murf in his cocoon in the live stream, you might catch a crew member[...]
Legends of the Hidden Temple Adult Version Heads to The CW
On the series original run, Kirk Fogg served as host with Dee Bradley Baker as the voice of Olmec for all 120 episodes on the cable network from 1993-1995 Both reprised their roles for the 2016 Nickelodeon TV movie set in the "world." It's not known if both will return for the new series The[...]
Star Wars: The Bad Batch premieres in 2021 (Image: Disney+)
Star Wars: The Bad Batch is the story of five members of an elite Clone Troopers team, but really it is the story of one man: Dee Bradley Baker The veteran voice actor, no stranger to "Star Wars" fans, voices all five members of the team- Hunter, Crosshair, Echo, Tech, and Wrecker He brings nuance[...]
Star Wars: The Bad Batch Premiere Dazzles...We Say Must Watch REVIEW
That is a tribute to the exceptional voice work of Dee Bradley Baker, who has the honor of voicing all five of our main cast here The amount of personality and individual characteristics he gives each clone will have you marveling at just how special and talented he is Ditto the rest of the cast,[...]
Star Wars: The Bad Batch Premiere Dazzles...We Say Must Watch REVIEW
Dee Bradley Baker, who voices all of the Clones in the series, said there is "Always a plan", which was then confirmed by Producer Brad Rau when he said, "There is a plan." can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Star Wars: The Bad Batch – Official Characters Trailer (2021) ( Star Wars: The Bad Batch[...]
LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special Is the Easter Egg Hunt We All Needed
On the animated front, you also have Dee Bradley Baker, James Arnold Taylor, Tom Kane, and Matt Lanter from the Dave Filoni animated shows Sure, because it's a LEGO parody, there's a kitchen sink feeling, but it never feels like it gets carried away The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special is currently streaming on[...]
Candace Against the Universe #SDCC
The panel also featured director Bob Bowen and stars Ashley Tisdale (Candace), Vincent Martella (Phineas), Maulik Pancholy (Baljeet), and Dee Bradley Baker (Perry the Platypus). The Phineas and Ferb: The Movie logo Credit: Disney+ Everyone was excited to return to the universe, even under strange circumstances The film had to finish production with animators drawing from home, and most of the actors recorded[...]
LEGO DC Shazam Hits Blur-ray on June 16th
Sure some of the jokes are cheesy, but the films are also smart and a great way to introduce kids to who these characters are. LEGO DC: Shazam Magic and Monsters features the voice talents of Sean Astin, Troy Baker, Nolan North, Grey Griffin, Christina Milizia, James Arnold Taylor, Imari Williams, Fred Tatasciore, Ralph Garman, Zach[...]
"Star Wars: The Clone Wars" Preview: Rex Is Haunted By "A Distant Echo"
In this week's all-new episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Disney+, Anakin (Matt Lanter) is back in "A Distant Echo." General Skywalker joins Captain Rex (Dee Bradley Baker) and the Bad Batch to hunt down Echo, a clone trooper long thought dead After intercepting an interplanetary transmission from someone using Echo's clone birth code,[...]
Muppet Babies: Kermit and Fozzie Take Show-n-Tell to the Extreme in New Preview
Case in point? Kermit (Matt Daner) and Fozzie's (Eric Bauza) ability to amp up the drama on something as simple as "Show-n-Tell" when they can't decided on which game is their favorite; as you can see from the preview released by Disney Junior. The new series features the adventures of Kermit (Daner), Piggy (Melanie Harrison), Gonzo[...]
Hamilton's Renee Elise Goldsberry Sings New 'Muppet Babies' Theme
ET;  and also on the DisneyNOW app. The new series features the adventures of Kermit (Matt Daner), Piggy (Melanie Harrison), Gonzo (Ben Diskin), Fozzie (Eric Bauza), and Animal (Dee Bradley Baker) – with the addition of purple penguin Summer (Jessica DiCicco) – all under the somewhat watchful eye of Nanny (Jenny Slate). "Summer is kind of our art[...]
'I Know That Voice' To Be Released As A Documentary Series
DiMaggio was joined for the series announcement by many of the voice actors who appeared in the documentary, including Dee Bradley Baker, Carlos Alazraqui, Bob Bergen, Jessica DiCicco, Nolan North, Steve Blum, and Frederick Tatsciore, as well as producer Sean Flanagan With so many characters in the room, things got out of hand quickly The[...]